Monday, February 12, 2018

Finding Joy in the Winter Months

For our family, this time of year is full of two things: celebrations and a slightly overwhelming sense of cabin fever. Both Gage and I celebrate birthdays in January.  Our daughters' birthdays are in February and March.   We do a full week of celebrating each person's birthday, so there is always something fun happening in our house!  However, one other common occurrence this time of year is cabin fever.  I usually do pretty well, and actually enjoy winter from late November through mid-January, but after my birthday passes and I realize we still have at least two more months left of the cold and 3-4 more months of possible snow and no green on the trees, that is when it really sinks in.  I cannot wait for spring - fall! The problem is not so much that we can't go anywhere, it's that we can't spend more than a few minutes at a time outside.  It's a strange feeling! This is also the time of year I also start to get a real itch for traveling. I just want to get in the car and start driving west! 

I used to not take notice of weather much when I lived in San Diego unless it was maybe August and crazy hot.  Now I spend my time trying to be creative and make the most out of being indoors for 4-5 months out of the year.  Much of the time we are unable to open windows, unable to read out on the porch or deck, play in the backyard, go to parks...and unfortunately, since I'm a total CA girl, being outside for long periods of time when it is below 20 is just not something I care to do much.  Props to all the moms that have been here all their lives and can easily deal with that type of cold! I try, I really do.  In fact, if it actually snows a significant amount, I might actually set foot outside for more than a few minutes with my kids.  :-D 

Even with all of our limitations this time of year, we do manage to get out of our house often. God is so gracious! We attend a homeschool co-op on Fridays, Classical Conversations on Mondays, Zoe takes piano lessons on Thursday afternoons, and we have the occasional class/workshop to attend during the week. Awana is Wednesday nights and of course, there is church on Sunday mornings. I try to keep Tuesday-Thursday as clear as possible though, as those are really our only full homeschool days.  I'm so thankful for all of these opportunities to get out of the house all winter!   

Here is a brief recap of what we've been up to so far this year.

Zoe attends Brian Karstens' weather classes as often as she can.  This month he did two workshops that she attended.  Avery, Kaylee, and I joined her on one of the days. :)

The girls continue to practice their presentation skills each week at CC.  Avery's presentations are more of a show and tell right now, but every once in a while she has something specific to talk about.  Last week at LLA she brought one of her Bob books to read to the class! She has been very consistent in reading a little bit each day. 

Each year Hood Magazine (the magazine that I contribute articles to each month) sponsors a Skyforce game, so one night each year we attend a game.  :) The girls had a chance to throw green basketballs labeled "Hood Magazine" out to the crowd this time.  You can see me and Kaylee in the top center part of the picture. haha!

Large empty box = Pure. Joy.  

 Avery's 5th Birthday!

I found this written on the board one day.   I love my sweet Zoe!

I celebrated #33 last month!

Dutch Baby!

My girls on my birthday.  :)

Me. 33. 

Sun dogs!

Birthday week!

Birthday celebrations with best friends.  <3 nbsp="" p="">

Gage turned 32 a few days into the new year.  :)

Finding Joy in the Winter Months

For our family, this time of year is full of two things: celebrations and a slightly overwhelming sense of cabin fever. Both Gage and I cel...