Saturday, September 9, 2017

On Beginning Essentials of the English Language

We have been in the Foundations program of Classical Conversations for the past three years. This year is our first year being in both Foundations and Essentials!

Essentials of the English Language (EEL) is a program that serves students in the higher-grammar / early dialectic stage (usually 4th-6th graders).  This program is amazing! It's a full English language program that goes deeper into the English language than I ever did in any school I attended. The students also spend time mastering math facts in this class, which will serve them well in later years.

For the past three years, we have used the First Language Lessons curriculum; another classical curriculum to use at home from 1st to 3rd grade.  In place of FLL this year we are just doing Essentials, although I still may incorporate a few things from FLL into her lessons throughout the year. Zoe always did super well with these lessons so I knew she'd probably enjoy Essentials, but I never really expected her to enjoy it this much so quickly!

She and her friends have already memorized Chart A, and she surprisingly made it through her first key word outline and paper with no issues! We definitely need to work on spelling, but I am encouraged by her willingness to jump in and do her work.

I am grateful to the highest degree for this program. How I would ever manage to cover this much (+ the public speaking skills) without access to a good Classical Christian school, I have no idea.  It would be incredibly difficult, that's for sure. Week 2 happens on Monday! We'll see how this next week goes since we'll also be officially starting our homeschool year on Tuesday.  :-D

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