Monday, August 7, 2017

Happy Monday!

It's Monday! A new work week.  Every week presents hundreds of ways to learn, work, and live for Christ. I am so thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to serve my family this week! 

This week my goal is to CLEAN HOUSE.  This week is my last full "free week" to get all this craziness in order before the school year begins.  We are not officially beginning until the 28th, but our commitments for the school year really begin to pick up next week. 

Next week will be entirely devoted to school plans and to cleaning out the school room.  That will take the full week, I am sure. 

The house suffered quite a bit during the past week as I was sick with a cold and had no energy to do just about anything.  Today was my first day getting back on track.  

Here are a few other things that I've been up to today. 

Developing Habits:

Dishes - Since I took a month long break of this habit, I'm beginning again.  :-) 
Laundry - Right now I am doing laundry every single day until it is "done".   Once I'm caught up, I'll switch to a weekly laundry day. 

Audiobooks Listened to:

Death by Living by N.D. Wilson, completed! 5/5 stars! 

Podcasts Listened to:

Read Aloud Revival, latest episode
Plodcast, latest episode

The Lost Tools of Learning - an essay by Dorothy Sayers, the brilliant 1947 essay that prompted the revival of Classical Christian education today. 
The Question by Leigh Bortins, chapter 4 on reading dialectically. 

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