Monday, January 23, 2017

Raising My Girls to Stand All On Their Own

The "Women's March"  was held this week.   As I read signs that were held up by so many of the women, my heart breaks at the state we are in.  Talk about a different worldview.

When I first heard about this march, my first understanding was that it was going to be inclusive and represent all women, and its purpose was to spread awareness of real problems that women are facing today.  I didn't have high hopes for this march, but I was honestly surprised by what I saw.

So many of the signs I saw were vile, vulgar, and intensely prideful.  It was heart-wrenching and made my stomach ache.  These poor fools with their signs full of anger, hatred, and flat out lies.  I saw many signs that were proclaiming that it is women that rule the world, that men are now second to women, and that the patriarchy needs to be smashed. Whatever that means.

They talk about how important it is to understand America's "women's rights history", though their own understanding is completely skewed by a narrative that is completely different from the original feminists in this country.

There were even signs blaming other women for their problems and, to my absolute dismay, blaming the very babies that they are going to murder.

99% of women participating in this march are women that promote the idea that their own worth comes from their mother, rather than the One who created them.  That is something I won't ever be able to get behind.  If your mother decides a few weeks before you are born, even after you are born, that you are not worth her time and affection, you can be murdered.   Your opinions on your own life do not matter.  Not only that, but then the mother is to be celebrated for her bravery and willingness to think of herself first.

There were hundreds of these signs and so many of them proved one thing:  these women care way, way, way too much about themselves.  The popular Maybelline slogan, "You're Worth It", has worked its way into their mentality and there is nothing you can do or say to stop them from doing what they want with their lives, bodies, and souls, no matter how much it damages them in the end.

The fact that so many women have gone from understanding that abortion is murder to suddenly proclaiming that it is a woman's right, is proof in itself that their argument is severely lacking. Science never changed. The science still says that there is a heartbeat and therefore, there is a life.  This means that there will never be a firm foundation for them to stand on.  This argument will come crumbling down in the coming years, and someday they will be ashamed to tell their grandchildren that yes, they did support the murder of children for the sake of their inconvenience.

I pray that my girls will live in a time where this happens.  When woman are truly taken care of and abortion has been completely eradicated.  When women realize that men are not the enemy.  When women can finally accept the fact that men and women are complimentary to each other.   When women realize that the only solution to changing deceitful and harmful men is in fact, Jesus.  Only He has the power to change the hearts and minds of sinful men.  The love of Christ can and will make a difference.  All the yelling, screaming, and name-calling in the world is not going to change those men.   The revival of the gospel is the ONLY way to change a society, without it, the society fails. Just as so, when men are no longer living under God's authority, when there is no standard to which they hold themselves to, they will fail.  These men are failing because they are living according to their own standards, and that is where sin runs rampant.  Anything goes when you live by your own standard.

Quite frankly, and I am speaking to women here, I'm baffled that one could think that the government or any man-made societal change could possibly have any effect on things like rape, sex trade, pornography, and so on.  There is a reason the Bible talks so much about purity.  It's not to deprive nations of pleasure, it is to save them from their own deceitfulness.

I want to be clear here that I am not blaming women for the actions of men, I am calling out women for not respecting themselves and giving fuel to the very fire that they are trying to put out.

If you don't want a culture full sexual predators, quit promoting a sex-obsessed culture.  Quit taking off all your clothes and dancing like you're in a porno on New Years Rockin' Eve.  Quit listening to the hate-filled, over sexualized music of Beyonce and Jay Z.   Stop promoting male celebrities that joyfully express their mistreatment of women, and quit celebrating the female celebrities that have repeatedly admitted many shameful sexual acts towards men.  Stop watching the movies without substance, that scream nothing other than "sex sells".  By promoting these things you are only promoting the objectivity of women more and more.   You've turned yourself into an object instead of a human being that is to be cherished. It is true, you reap what you sow.   Instead of flaunting yourself for the attention and pleasure of others, respect yourself and set an example for the young ladies in this world.  Teach young women that their bodies and minds are worth protecting!

As it stands now, my girls are going to grow up being fed lie after lie after lie about womanhood.  It is my job to combat these lies with truth that can only be found by those who seek it.  It is my job to teach them how to stand on their own two feet, and to never follow the crowd.

I can't make the decision to follow Christ for my girls.  That is entirely up to them.  I can only teach them what I believe, and what I have learned over the years.   But here is the thing: I really believe what I believe.

While I would love for my children to follow in my footsteps, I know that God is in complete control of this.   He will lead them to Himself if that is what is to happen.  I have complete faith that no matter what happens God will work everything together for the good of those who love him.  And I do love Him, and I intend to continue loving Him for the rest of my life.

I believe God is love, and God is good all the time.  I will not be afraid of what may happen to my children's hearts and souls, I will instead have faith that God is faithful and just.  I choose to trust Him, because any alternative is completely futile.

I am fully committed to doing just as God has instructed me to do with these children:  Teach them in His ways.

These are just some of the things that I plan to teach my girls as they grow:

Life is not only about you and your feelings.

Love must always win out over your feelings.

Love is not a feeling, it is something that you do.

Trials are going to happen.  How you react to those trials matters deeply.

Your virtue affects your entire life and beyond.

Study the Bible to glean truth from God himself.

Study the Bible to fully understand its origins.

There is such a thing as absolute truth.  Truth is not relative.  If it was, all existence would be complete chaos.

The universe is ordered, not chaotic.   You were created with that same order and design, from the moment you came into existence.

The biggest lies are often disguised as truth or created out of partial truths.  Be extremely cautious with your affections and beliefs.

Discernment is essential.  Never take anything as fact without a thorough understanding of the source.

Study history to the very best of your ability. Knowing where we've been before will prevent you from making the same mistakes again and give you something useful to keep you afloat when defending yourself against constant crashing waves of a willfully ignorant society.

Read a LOT of books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Never read textbooks.

If you want to understand how the world works, go to God, the source of all knowledge, first.  Then, go directly to the sources of the scientific advancements in history.  Read the writings of Hippocrates, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Archemidis, Copernicus, and other modern scientists and scientific papers as well.  Read as many original writings as you can find.  Read "Darwin's Origins of Species", not what people and textbooks say about it.

People love to say whatever is on their mind, whether or not they know it to be true or not.  Don't be one of those people.  :-)  Think well before you speak.

Your worth comes through Christ.  He is the only rock, the only foundation, that will ever offer you true stability in this life.

Be confident in what you know, but be humble enough to admit when you are wrong or that you have been deceived.

When dealing with the obvious, critical truths, don't let your faith waiver.  Uncertain people will say all sorts of things to try to shake you.  In that case just walk away, pray, and be confident that God's got this.

Serving others is the only true way to better yourself.  Devote your life to serving others and you will find joy.

It doesn't matter what another person believes, or how much they try to deny you from living out your faith.  You must love always.  Be kind and gracious.  Show mercy, even while they throw stones.

Never stop learning.

Never stop striving to improve your walk with God.

Men and women were created by God to serve each other in a way that only He could have ever designed, and it is absolutely beautiful.

There is nothing to fear when you are in Christ.

Stand up for what you know to be true.

Stand on your own.

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