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2015/2016 Homeschool Recap + Goals for Last 6 Weeks!

I've decided that June 10th will be about the time we finish our "school year".  Originally I had planned on the middle of May to be the end but with the rough pregnancy and new baby we took more time off than I had planned so I've extended it a month.  Flexibility in schedules is one of the many perks of homeschooling!

This year we've mainly been working on reading, writing, and math with Zoe.  Everything else she gets plenty of at LLA, CC, or other lessons she attends.  Her reading has definitely improved and her writing and spelling is also improving!  Math seems to come naturally to her. She just "gets it"...but that doesn't always mean that she *likes* math, so that always seems to be a bit of a struggle to get her to practice the concepts that she's learning but once she practices them a few times she gets it and it's all good. :-)

24 Weeks of LLA (Living Legacy Academy) COMPLETED!

Watching "Charlotte's Web". 
On April 8th we finished our year at LLA!  During the year Zoe took these classes: Swimming Creatures, Flying Creatures, Book Club,  Art, Spanish, and Gym.   My mother-in-law Jenny and I taught Book Club for the Kindergarten & 1st Graders.  The first half of the year we read books, looked at story setting locations on a map, and did a fun activity to go along with each book.   The second semester Jenny read "Charlotte's Web" to the kids, a couple chapters a week, then the kids made a lap book so each week they did an activity to add to their lap book.  During the last two weeks the kids got to watch the movie! :-)

24 Weeks of Classical Conversations COMPLETED! 

I am SO thrilled that I got over my fear of teaching and took the step into tutoring a class of 8 students this year.  Each week that I was there was so much fun! We played games, recited new information in silly voices, doing jumping jacks, singing songs, or doing hand / body motions.  We did fun science experiments, played the tin whistle, did presentations, traced locations on maps, and soooo much more!

Some of the kids reciting the 14 minute Timeline song at the
End of the Year Celebration - April 26th.

On April 18th we had our last day of the year at CC!  We had an End of the Year Celebration on April 26th where the kids were able to present some of what they learned throughout the year for parents and grandparents!  As I watched the end of the year slideshow that Summer put together I was blown away at how much was accomplished this year (as it is every year!).  This year was Cycle 1 (there are 3 Cycles in CC that repeat every 3 years).

This year in Cycle 1, they were exposed to and worked to memorize: 

  • 161 events and people in a chronological timeline + 44 U.S. presidents (this one is repeated every year until about 6th grade).
  • 24 history sentences to add depth to our timeline (followed along for the most part with our geography)
  • 120 locations and geographic features in Africa, Europe, and the Old World.
  • 24 science facts including classifications of living things and each continent's highest mountain)
  • 5 Latin noun endings and their singular and plural declensions.
  • English grammar facts including 53 prepositions, 23 helping verbs, and 12 linking verbs.
  • Multiplication tables up to 15x15, common squares and cubes, as well as basic geometry  formulas and unit conversions. 
  • Exposure to 6 drawing techniques
  • Music theory and Tin Whistle
  • Learned about 6 great artists and did 6 projects related to the artist's style.
  • Intro to orchestra (including a trip to the symphony) and learned about 3 classical composers. 
  • 12 science experiments
  • 12 science projects and...
  • 24 oral presentations!

Whew!  Seriously guys... CC is *worth* *every* *penny*.   It's so much more affordable than private school and the education they are receiving is phenomenal.  If you are homeschooling and would like information on CC, just send me a note on Facebook or give me a call and I will let you know when the next info meeting is!

Making our way to "3rd Grade". 

Though this year has been a little crazy, we've still managed to have a full year of learning.  As for her more "formal" curriculum we've been working through Zoe's phonics curriculum / books to help her with her reading, we've been doing Spelling You See, Saxon Math, and First Language Lessons - Book 2.   We haven't done quite as much as I would have liked but it's okay.   We have six weeks left to really buckle down and I already know she's to the point where I can move her onto "3rd grade".  I say "3rd grade" because it's just for fun that I label the grades each year.  Grades are not necessary when you are a homeschooler, as their sole purpose in the public school setting is to place kids into a group that is generally at their same level of education...but at home, there is no need for that.   This year she actually did 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade work.

Home Lessons - 6 Weeks Left! 

I made this list mainly for me but also just to put out there as some sort of accountability. Not that anyone is actually going to hold me to any of this but there is always the idea that, "It's been publicly proclaimed, therefore I must do it."  Haha!

We're going to focus on finishing up her math, starting to read books from her summer reading list that includes 5 kids Shakespeare books, continuing her spelling lessons, and completing First Language Lessons - Book 2.

Zoe will also be finishing up her 4 week weather class with our favorite weather man (meteorologist), Mr. Brian Karstens.   I plan on signing her up for his next 4 week session starting in a couple weeks, so that will be an extra fun thing that she gets to do this month and next!

Week 1: 4 math lessons, begin reading The Tempest (for kids, Parfait Press), review last 4 weeks of
CC memory work, spelling lessons 20 and 21, and 7 English lessons.
Week 2: 4 math lessons, continue reading The Tempest, review the last 4 weeks of CC memory work, spelling lessons 22-24, and 7 English lessons.
Week 3: 3 math lessons, continue reading The Tempest, spelling lessons 25 and 26, and 8 English lessons.
Week 4: 3 math lessons, finish reading The Tempest, spelling lessons 27-29, and 8 English lessons.
Week 5: 3 math lessons, begin reading Hamlet (for kids, Parfait Press), spelling lessons 30-32, and 7 English lessons.
Week 6: 3 math lessons, continue reading Hamlet, spelling lessons 33-35, complete book 2 of First Language Lessons!

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