Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014: The only year I can say I'm 29 and have it be true! ;-)

You have to admit, the blizzard today created some pretty amazingly beautiful scenes around town.  It seriously looked like a scene out of Frozen! There was so much blowing snow that we couldn't see our neighbors house!

Despite the crazy blizzard, today was a great birthday!

We went to my favorite breakfast place for "brunch" - Bagel Boy.  It took us a long time to get there and leaving was also a bit of an adventure but while we were there we ate with Gage on his lunch break, and Jenny and Brad joined us too.

The rest of  the afternoon was spent just relaxing at home in our nice WARM house!

Avery was over the top cute today, which was awesome.  She said her second official word, "Tickle". She does say a couple other things on occasion (like, "Go") but I'm not entirely sure she knows what that means. She definitely understands tickle though! She tried to tickle me yesterday and made an attempt at saying it but today was the first time she said it clearly. She's teething right now so she's been pretty cranky the past week or so but today wasn't *too* bad in comparison to other days.   :-)

After Gage returned home we met up with family at Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday.  Grandpa, Grandma, Jenny, Mike, Brad, Ashley, Brandon, and Ariah (sp?) were there.  I love Olive Garden.... I'm totally obsessed with their salads.  Tonight I also tried one of their raspberry Italian sodas.  Wow. So good!

Best photo EVER taken of us! 

Today was the best 29th birthday I've ever had ;-)

In honor of today's beautiful blizzard, here is one of our favorite songs from Disney's Frozen! I cannot wait to buy this movie! Seriously, best Disney movie since The Lion King...which was 20 years ago.  Yes, 20 years. Let that sink in.  I bet if you weren't feeling old before, you are now.  Haha.

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