Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October Happenings - LLA, Exploring the Neighborhood, Playing at the Mall, and Joining Costco!

 Zoe has been loving the color science class each week at LLA.  She also has gym, book club, and an art class.  A couple weeks ago the color of the week was purple so we used purple cabbage juice to do a pH experiment.   The kids got to change the juice from purple to reddish, pink, blue, and green, then back to purple using washing soda w/ water, Sprite, vinegar, and baking soda w/ water.

Zoe brought her purple sock monkey and some purple chalk for show and tell ;)

Last week was the color orange.  So of course, the main event was an orange. They learned about buoyancy!  They measured the mass of each vegetable/fruit then they made a hypothesis of  whether or not they thought it would float, and then after they tested it they wrote down their observations (Sink or Float).

Sioux Falls now has a Costco!!  We've gone 3 times in the past couple weeks.   I grew up with Costco.  I had never set foot in a Sam's Club until we moved to Sioux Falls 7 years ago.  Costco is just all around better prices and better choices.  I will say though that they are definitely "behind the times" when it comes to their payment systems.  Only cash or check to buy food and the only credit card they accept in the whole store is American Express... :-/  I'm sure it has something to do with the cost of accepting credit cards but if all other stores can make it work then they really should too. Other than that, I am super excited that we finally have a Costco!

The beginning of the month was still pretty warm.  On the day this next picture was taken, it was 80 outside!  Lately the temps have been dropping.  Now we're having regular days in the 40's and 50's.

We took the girls to play at the new play area in the mall! They tore out the old one... it was kind of gross so it's good but still a little sad for me since I had brought Zoe there to play since she was a baby.

This was Avery's first time playing at the mall.   She is loving being able to get around and pulling herself up to stand.

This month we've been exploring our "new" neighborhood!  We've been here a year now but I didn't make time to really explore the area until a couple weeks ago.   WOW... we have trails and trails and more trails all over this area.  There are small  (and very old) parks around here too.  I actually saw a tall metal slide and seesaws made out of wood.  I hadn't seen those in ages!

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