Monday, October 21, 2013

My Girls and Ear Piercing

June 29, 2012

The day I found out we were expecting another baby I took Zoe to the mall to find her a "Big Sister" shirt. That was our way of announcing the pregnancy to several people... just having her wear the "Best Sister Ever" shirt that we found at Children's Place and waiting until people noticed... the reactions were awesome!

On that same day Zoe decided she wanted to get her ears pierced.

Yes, for an entire year my 4 year old had been asking me if she can pierce her ears. I had always dreamed of her asking me when she was 9, 10, maybe 11 like me.  But 3?? That took me by surprise. She would look at my earrings and be so mesmerized by them.  The girl loves earrings.

So on this particular day she had found out she was going to be a big sister (we seriously never thought it would happen!).  She told me that she knew it would hurt a little and my little 4 year old Zoe assured me that she would be fine.  So we did it!

We went to Claire's and within a few minutes, her ears were pierced! She did great, didn't cry, no problems. She was very pleased with herself for being so brave.

Fast forward to July 2nd when we were on our way to St. Louis, MO to visit friends. We arrived in a hotel in Kansas City and it is midnight... long story short, one of Zoe's earrings ripped out... blood everywhere... little 4 year old screaming at the TOP of her lungs and probably waking up everyone in that hotel.

Needless to say but we had to wait for her ear to heal and by then it had obviously closed up so for the rest of the year she just had one earring.  She did not want to go back and get her ear re-pierced.

Until May of this year.  We were with Great-Grandma Murray at the mall and we walked past Icing and jokingly said, "You want to get your ear pierced today?" as we had said probably a hundred times before...

She said, "Yes!" Walked right into Icing and sat in the chair.


She was nervous, but she got to hold the Claire bear.  Oh how I love the Claire bear! I remember the Claire bear from when I got my ears pierced back on July 11, 1997 (Yeah, don't ask how I remember the date)! She got her ear pierced and this time she looked a little more nervous afterward but within a few minutes she was just fine.  Meanwhile I'm praising her over and over for doing such a great job!

A couple weeks later, on June 5th, we went to the same place in the mall and got Avery's ears pierced.


My best friend Shannon got her daughter's ears pierced last year when she was just a couple months old and I found myself wishing I had done the same with Zoe.  When Avery was about 2 months old I decided to just do it.  Get it over with.  The fact is, it only hurts for a few minutes and in Avery's case it only seemed to hurt her for about 30 seconds.  She was laughing and her normal self within a minute and she never once had a problem whenever I went to clean her ears after that!  It's done and she shouldn't ever have to worry about getting them pierced later.  Plus, they are super cute.

So, for now, we're done with ear piercing! Hopefully the earrings stay put this time.

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  1. Was searching for my GF's blog and came across yours. I started reading and came across your recent post about Zoe having her ears re-pierced and how brave she was doing it. How cute! I think you were a smart mommy for doing it early.

    Also read on to read about doing her younger sister done early too. She is adorable. After hearing about how easy it was from my GF's, I wanted to do it early like mine were done. Somehow always knew I would have her ears pierced as soon after birth. Mine were done by my mom at days old and I looked so cute with earrings in my early baby picures. When I asked dh what he thought, he looked at me like I was crazy. Now she is three months old and I desperately want them done, but don't want to go around hubby's back. How did she do and did she cry much? I know all babies cry, but think earlier is best like you.

    Did you have to convince your husband? Mine is opposed, so I've been pointing out all the babies and little
    girls telling him how cute they look with earrings. It seems like I'm seeing more little girls with earrings than before. Have you noticed that trend also?

    Any suggestions to bring dh on board with having our dd's ears pierced would be appreciated. I'm wanting to do it soon so she can have earrings in her upcoming holiday pictures. Any negative comments from naysayers?



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