Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Something came from Nothing?

Think of nothing. Can you even imagine what nothing is?

Can something come from nothing?

Doesn't it take more faith to think that something came from nothing, than to believe that something was created? Anyone that does not believe there is a God is running on FAITH alone because when you look at the universe, there is absolutely NO chance that it could have created itself.

If you see a watch on the ground in the forest, there is no way you would ever think, "Oh wow, look what the dust, rain, and leaves came together to create over a period of billions and billions of years!" No, the idea is preposterous. You know that the watch was created by a human being because it is way too intricate to have been designed by chance and let alone, designed by itself.

The same goes for the Universe. Did you know they have counted over 70 Sextillion stars so far? Do you know the intricacies of how the eyball works? Did you know that new discoveries are still being made about the individual cell? Do you really believe that everything that exists could come from one tiny speck of star dust that came to be on its own (which is what MANY well known scientists believe).

I don't know, I think that takes more faith to believe that than to see with my very eyes the incredible CREATION that is the Universe. It's just so plain... how can someone not see it?

Macro evolution is not a reasonable theory, it is driven by culture and not fact. Evolutionists will do and say everything they can to try and prove that this theory has any legitimate claims and can coincide with science, but when it comes down to it - they are not willing to examine the claims of the creationist and therefore, they cannot be labeled as true scientists. To be a scientist you must look at ALL possibilities and be willing to follow the truth wherever it leads. Every evolutionist fails at answering the ultimate question, because they do not want to believe that God could exist. But the question still lingers...How did something come from nothing?

Most scientists acknowledge that this theory of evolution is no longer relevant. However, our culture has grasped onto it SO tightly because it means that maybe, just maybe... life could have created itself and therefore, there is no need for a God.

Famous philosophers and scientists have always struggled with this question of something coming from nothing because no matter what path they take to try and explain it, it always leads up to..."I don't know. I can't know."

What makes a scientist so much smarter than the average person? What makes people believe everything they hear a philosopher say? I have no more or less respect for scientists and philosophers because all they do is learn how the earth works and functions in a particular and and why the earth exists. I already know the answers to both of these.

No matter how hard one tries to explain the box (that is the universe), you will never understand it until you look outside the box.


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