Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Week Without Zoe

We're half way through our week without Zoe as she is off at Disney World having a blast with her Uncle, Grandparents, and Great-Grandparents.

I still have never been to Disney World.  Now my 5 year old has... and without me.  1) I hate being away from my daughter, ever.  2) I really hate missing out on memorable life events such as this one.... but it's the way it had to be.

So what have I been doing all week? Frankly, not much.

I had all these plans to clean and organize my house while she was gone. That was all depending on Avery's teeth though.  Yep, her teeth.  She is teething, again.   She's only 7 months old and her 6th tooth is already preparing for arrival!  At least she's getting them all out of the way now so hopefully as a result she'll get several months of no pain.  The downside to this is that she's in pain so she cries and yells and screams and wants to be with Mommy or Daddy all day and all night.

Right now is a moment of peace. She's napping; undoubtedly not for long.  Rather than risk waking her up by making too much noise cleaning (because our house is far from soundproof), I'm sitting quietly on the couch while she naps.

So when she's awake, I can't clean the house....and when she's asleep I can't clean it either, haha.

Why, you ask, can't Gage help since he is not working right now?

Though he hasn't officially started his new job yet he is still a very busy guy.   He has been doing contract programming work for someone all month, pulling weeds for a new neighbor, and right now he's over at some friends' home helping them with computer problems.   Most of the time he's busy all day as he would if he was working full time.  He has had a bit of down time this week though!

This week without Zoe I have:

- Celebrated 7 years with Gage!  We went out for breakfast, browsed a thrift store and the book store, ate dinner at Carnaval Brazilian Grill, and dessert at Cold Stone.   Gage's cousin Moni was nice enough to watch Avery while we went out to dinner/dessert.  

- Organized the girls room a little more.  I have yet to figure out how to make a crib and a tall old pink hospital bed look nice in this room...  

- Worked on both of the girls' baby books!!  Finally! Those things take so much time...  I also have journals that I'm keeping for each daughter so I worked on those too.  

- Finished watching Season 2 of Revenge with Gage (I had watched both seasons on my own a couple weeks ago and told Gage he had to watch it before the new season starts next week!).  

- Cleaned my room a little bit... there is still so much work to do though.  That room tends to be the "catch all" room.

- I've eaten way too much junk food. 

- Went out to breakfast at Bagel Boy with Gage and Avery this morning.  I tried something new and delicious: French toast bagel with honey walnut cream cheese.  Yum!

- Went to the mall by myself for the first time in many years.  It was quite uneventful and dare I say, boring.  I did manage to find a Pinkie Pie shirt for Zoe for $5 though ;-) 

Next week life will be very different around here.  So far I have not homeschooled Zoe while Gage was not around to help with Avery if needed so next week while he starts his new job, me and the girls will be on our own during the day. I'll get to tackle the challenge of homeschooling and caring for an infant at the same time!

Well, as I predicted, Avery is awake again.

Resuming mommyhood now.  :-)

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