Monday, June 3, 2013

Getting "Settled" Into Our New Home

7 months ago we bought our first home! We had been in California the week before for my best friends' Wedding (which of course, we were all participating in - even Zoe as the flower girl!).  We closed on the same day that we found out we were expecting another little girl.  I was right in the middle of an extremely difficult pregnancy and somehow we found ourselves moving into our very own home.  That month was one of the most stressful, amazing, wonderful months of our lives!

My pregnancy prevented me from being able to really do *anything* that involved walking, standing, even sitting in certain ways... I was couch bound for many months until Avery was born in early February.

Immediately following Avery's birth I went into "operation: make my house look nice" mode where I wanted to unpack, decorate, and organize every inch of this house before my Dad got here in March...when that didn't happen I thought maybe by the time Laurel got here April, then it turned into getting everything done before Shannon got here in May! Granted, I got a LOT done in  the past few months but still, we have about half our things in boxes out in the garage.  Seriously, I just found my pre-pregnancy clothes *last week*.

Now I'm preparing for a vacation that will take me away from the house for a while... which means I likely won't be unpacking again until at least mid-Summer.  My goal now: to be MOSTLY unpacked by the time we've been here a year :-)

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