Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January is here! It's New Year Resolutions Time!

2012 was a wonderful year and also incredibly difficult year for us.  The year was pretty awesome actually until the last month and everything came pouring down at once when Gage lost his job and I have been in more pain that ever from this pregnancy.

Gage is looking for a job now.  We're praying for a new job soon! Hopefully one that paid the same or near where he was paid before.  And with benefits.

If we can sell our "old" car we'll be set for a few more months so that is the next goal for our family.  I wish we could keep it because it would be nice to have two cars for a change but it doesn't look like that will work out.  It is a 2005 Hyundai Accent if anyone is interested :)

Monthly Goals and Plans for 2013

1.  (January) Sell our Hyundai Accent and get ready for Avery's arrival  (Setting up crib, washing clothes, & bassinet clothing).   Do something fun on Gage's birthday (the 3rd) and my birthday (the 16th).
2.  (February) - Do nothing but clean and get ready for baby :-)  She is due Feb 26th!
3.  (March)  - Get the house ready for visitors.  Have a 5th birthday party for Z!
4.  (April) - Start exercising again! (If I'm able to walk by then)
5.  (May) - Start my photography business again!
6.  (June) - Road trip to Oklahoma? Try to get all 5 cousins together at once!
7.  (July) - Update our upstairs bathroom.
8.  (August) - Get in home studio area finished  / Start homeschooling Zoe (Kindergarten!)
9.  (September) - Celebrate our 7th Anniversary and Go to Disney World with the whole family!
10.  (October) - Start planning for Christmas and Christmas Photo Mini Sessions
11.  (November) - Shaina's Deals
12.  (December) - Continue work on Shaina's Deals & Go to California for an early "Christmas", Amanda's B-day, and Tori's 2nd Birthday!

Resolutions for 2013

1.  Read my Bible!!
2.  Get Organized - Finish my monthly organization lists to use and publish them on Shaina's Deals and maybe even on here. 
3.  Get more photos printed and hung on the walls.  Get more photos onto DVDs and back up hard drives.  Seriously, I am so bad about preserving all the personal photos that I take. 
4. Go to a concert other than LifeLight this year. 
5. Lose whatever baby weight I accumulated in my 2nd pregnancy by December.   Shouldn't be too difficult if I start on the treadmill again in April or May!
6.  If at all possible....buy a professional camera.
7. Stay in touch with people via e-mail, phone, and regular mail.  Try to use Facebook less often... I think it used to be easier to stay in touch with people on Facebook but not anymore with all the changes over the past 2 years.  Now you only see a small percentage of what people post and people aren't posting as much due to privacy issues..it's just a mess.  I really miss a lot of my friends that I've lost touch with even though we're all on Facebook and occasionally "like" each other's photos and status updates.

If I think of more I'll add them later...  for now I'll stick with 7 resolutions!


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  1. Great goals and resolutions! Can't wait to see some pics of baby Avery :)


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