Saturday, January 19, 2013

Everyday Living with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

I saw this list of typical advice given to women with SPD (from Doctors that actually know what it is) on Wikipedia. It's amazing to me how a few of these things are the exact opposite of what Doctors have been telling me I SHOULD do... goes to show how little they know about it.   Granted, there really is very little anyone can do to help a woman with SPD while she's pregnant but it still infuriates me that so many Doctors don't know what it is, despite the fact that it is believed that 1 in 4 women experiences it in varying degrees.  Mine is obviously a severe case of it but oh my gosh... that many women and any with severe cases of it are having to deal with Doctors just saying it's back pain and normal aches and pains of pregnancy.  It's a DISABILITY.  It causes women to not be able to do *anything* other than lay down to avoid *some* of the pain.  That is not normal and that should not be ignored.

Everyday living

Typical advice usually given to women includes avoiding strenuous exercise, prolonged standing, vacuum cleaning, stretching exercises and squatting. Women are also frequently advised to:
  • Brace the pelvic floor muscles before performing any activity which might cause pain 
  • Rest the pelvis 
  • Sit down for tasks where possible (e.g. preparing food, ironing, dressing) 
  • Avoid lifting and carrying. 
  • Avoid stepping over things. 
  • Avoid straddle movements especially when weight bearing. 
  • Bend the knees and keep the legs 'glued together' when turning in bed and getting in and out of bed. 
  • Place a pillow between the legs when in bed or resting. 
  • Avoid twisting movements of the body. 
If the pain is very severe, using elbow crutches will help take the weight off the pelvis and assist with mobility. Alternatively, for more extreme cases a wheelchair may be considered advisable.

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