Saturday, September 22, 2012

Garage sale is over! Time to pack!

You won't believe how much of a relief it is to finally be done with this garage sale.  It was worth it... total we made about $100.   I purchased some items from my friends who were also selling things. It just so happens that I was planning on purchasing a baby swing and an electric breast pump  before the baby is born and between the two I expected it would cost me around $150-$200.   Thanks to a couple of my friends, the total for the swing and the breast pump was $30!  We also purchased a friend's Columbia jacket for Gage since he needed a new one - $15! Good deal :)  The rest of the money leftover will go to pay for food while we're in California.

We still have a lot of stuff that needs to be taken to good will.  I'm going to wait a few days to do that in case I find more things to donate.  I already found several things in Zoe's room tonight.   We are almost FINISHED with packing her room! It took about 2 hours and that was mainly because I was sorting clothes deciding which ones to keep, which ones fit her and we want to keep out, which ones fit and we want to pack, which ones to donate.   I think tomorrow's task will be our bedroom... that will be quite a bit more work.   The kitchen is mostly packed and both of the upstairs storage closets are empty.  We're making good progress.  Our California trip is quickly approaching so I'm trying to do as much packing as possible in the next few days.  I think I'll devote a few days this week to packing to move and then the last couple days to packing for our trip.

On a totally different note. I've had Taylor Swift's new song stuck in my head all week and today I was informed of this little gem!! hehe.


Love it!

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