Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rachelle Hope's New Music Video for "Bring You Glory"

Rachelle was the first person I met in Sioux Falls, SD over 5.5 years ago.  It turns out we were both newlyweds (married 6 days apart)  and we both had been bound for the same little Bible college in CA before meeting our husbands which ended up changing our plans.  What a strange coincidence right?

Now she has her own band (formed in 2010) which includes my husband Gage as her drummer, and our little girls are best friends :-)

The band recorded an album and they just finished making first music video! I love how it turned out.  Great work by Perceptive Video Productions!

On June 8th Rachelle and the band will have their big CD release concert at the Orpheum Theater Center here in Sioux Falls.  The show is FREE so if you live in the area, please come!

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