Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awana Awards, Cubbies, Dandelions, and a Crazy Lady

Zoe is in the dead center of this photo. The one with the giant pink flower on her head of course,

Zoe was thrilled to receive her very first award last night; a tiny Cubbie bear to wear on her vest next year for completing her very first Awana book!  Last night was one of those full circle moments for me.  I remember Awana Awards Ceremonies from when I was a kid.  Seeing all the kids line up to receive their awards took me back my childhood for a little while.  I am looking forward to watching my little Zoe go through the program!  She is glad she has one more year of Cubbies because they "get snacks.  Sparkies don't get any snacks." ;-)

We celebrated her achievement by going to Milky Way afterward.  Let me just say that I am never going to get a chocolate malt from anywhere but Milky Way from now on. YUM!

This morning we went to Bagel Boy with my mother in law.  This is becoming a weekly routine! Since bagels are very high in calories I usually just skip lunch on these days and replace it with a small snack.    This morning would have been just perfect had a crazy (really, insane) woman not decided to try and hit our car. Not once, but twice. Thankfully I hit the pedal fast enough to get out of her way otherwise she would have ran right into Zoe. I don't know what was going on in that woman's head.

There have only been a handful of times in my life where I have been so terrified that I had to actually stop what I was doing and break out into tears.  Yep. That happened this morning.  Uncontrollable shaking and crying.  Another full circle moment here.  When I was 4 (same age as Zoe) and there was an accident that involved the side of the car I was sitting in.  I remember my mom was absolutely hysterical.  I really had no idea what had happened so I couldn't understand her reaction, but oh my goodness... I understand it now!  Thankfully we weren't actually hit.  All is fine. Nothing to worry about now.  That is one experience I hope to never deal with again though.

I got home, still in tears... so angry from what happened that I took one look at our lawn, full of dandelions, and I decided the best thing for me to do to get my frustration out was to attack those dandelions.  I may not have actually killed the roots yet but I at least stopped the darn things from spreading for a couple days. Now Gage will be able to put down even more weed & feed (for a 3rd time) and maybe we will succeed. Maybe.

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