Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why am I a Homemaker?

Shaina and Zoe
Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.
- Proverbs 16:3
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Homemaking Resources: Here is a compilation of  resources that have been beneficial to me in my homemaking.  Blogs, websites, and articles all pertaining to the home!

Why am I a Homemaker?

It is by God's grace alone that I am able to be a full-time manager of the home.  What a privilege and blessing it is to be able to devote so much of my time to the care of my family.

One of my strongest passions in life is homemaking.  I love absolutely everything about it.  I believe it is the greatest occupation a woman could have.  It provides a way to actually USE all of my skills, abilities, and talents - and it's all for the benefit of my family!

I'm not against working mothers, but I am against working to the point that the family begins to suffer. I am also a huge advocate of staying home with children ( if able) until they are at least school age.  Of course I would be willing to open to work outside the home again if it is where God leads me, but regardless of whether I work outside the home or not, my faith and my family come first. My home is my main ministry. I personally have no intentions to ever work outside the home full-time ever again.

I believe the character and atmosphere of the home has a lasting and significant impact on every single person. Therefore, I believe the home is worth putting as much time and effort into as you possibly can.  The home is where the family resides.  So much of our lives are spent at home with our family and this is where many of our values are formed. This is why God has placed such high priority on the structure of the family and the home.

Homemaking is defined as the management and personalization of the home to make it a functional, comfortable, and safe place to live for the entire family.  Making a home involves not only household management but also fulfilling our biblical roles as a woman, and/or as as wife, and/or as a mother.   We can know what these roles are simply by reading the Bible and seeing what specific qualities and responsibilities God expects of women.  One of the things God calls all women to be is a worker in their home (Titus 2, 1 Timothy 5:14).   That does not mean that women cannot work outside of the home as well (as the Proverbs 31 woman did in fact work outside the home), but it does mean that women have an obligation to care for their homes for the benefit of their family to glorify the Lord.  Not every woman is called to be a full-time homemaker, but according to the scriptures, God has specifically designed women to be the nurturing "keepers" or "managers" of the home.

Whether you work outside of the home or are home full-time, caring for your home and family is an essential part of life.  It is not always easy - it is work.  This work is important and it does not go unnoticed, it puts your education to good use,  it allows you to use all of your gifts, talents, and skills,  it is extremely worth-while, and it is life-long.  Despite popular belief, this work does not end after you've raised your children.  The work ends the day you meet the Lord!  It is my hope and prayer that all women would take making home to heart.

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