Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Trip 2009!

The worst blizzard in many years hit Sioux Falls the night we flew out to California.   We heard they shut down the airport right after our plane took off at around 7pm on Christmas Eve, so we just barely made it!  Praise God for stalling the storm just enough for us to get out of Sioux Falls safely!

We arrived in Las Vegas, NV late on Christmas Eve,  made our way to the rental car place, then drove down to San Diego, CA.  We arrived early at about 3am (5am our normal time!).   Despite being extremely tired on Christmas Day, we had a wonderful Christmas.  We spent Christmas day with Gage's family, then we went up to Escondido and spent Christmas Evening with my family.

26th (Sat) - We hung out with friends & family all day in Escondido & Ramona!  Plenty of Mexican food was enjoyed.

27th (Sun) Went to my old church! One of my favorite parts of visiting is hearing my Dad and sister sing/play on the worship team at church.  After church I did a photo shoot for my Dad's band.  We ate food (Wienerschnitzels!!), then we made our way down to the San Diego Zoo.  The weather was great, and Zoe enjoyed all of the animals, especially the monkeys.  For dinner we went to Pat & Oscars with a bunch of friends...they have delicious food and THE best breadsticks ever.   Seriously, their website is!  The night ended at the Holliday's house with lots of laughs, worship songs, silly songs, and an old family video. (The Hollidays are a family I grew up with).

28th -  We went to KONOS for breakfast down at PB.  Ahh yes!  Best breakfast place in PB for sure.  After breakfast we went down to La Jolla cove for a while (this is where our Engagement photos were taken back in 2006!).  Zoe enjoyed looking at the ocean, the waves, the pelicans, the sea lions, and the hermit crabs.   It is so beautiful there. I so miss the beach!   Anyway.... later that afternoon we drove up to Riverside, CA (where I was born!) to go to my Grandma's house for our last Christmas get-together with family.   What an amazing day that was!   There was one unfortunate incident though... my sister's ex boyfriend got into a ski accident and was going in and out of a coma for a while.  We got the call on the way up to Riverside so our first couple hours in Riverside were not so fun.  Once we got word that Gallagher was going to be okay the night got better!

29th (Tuesday) - Said goodbyes to the Holliday family and my family, then down to San Diego we went again.  Spent the day at Grandpa Herrmann's.  Gage's family had a birthday party for Gage and I later in the evening!   It was great to see everyone again.

30th (Wednesday) - Began driving back up to Las Vegas.  Made a stop in Adelanto, CA to see my cousin's new house and visit his family.  We had lunch a great Mexican food restaurant!   Zoe was able to spend a little more time with Elliott and Scarlett.  After a couple hours we left for Las Vegas.   What a long drive that was!  It was nice to make it to Vegas and get settled into our rooms.   We all went out to the HUGE spa (the size of a pool!).  We got pizza afterwards (wow it was amazing pizza!), and watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  Then, bed!

31st - We flew home!  We came home to a 10 degree winter wonderland.  We literally had to dig into Gage's parents house...haha.  Gage dug our car out of their driveway.  It wasn't too bad.  Thankfully some friends of ours/neighbors had brought their snow blower down to our house and cleared our walkway, sidewalk, and driveway for us so we were able to get into our house easily!  Woohoo!  Thank you AGAIN Andersons!!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Glad we could help with your house. Sure wish we could have helped with your parents house, too. Sorry, we don't really know where they live! :) Can you believe this weather, though? It's amazing!


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