Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Worst Blizzard in 40 years? Merry Christmas! least we know we'll have a WHITE Christmas if we stay in Sioux Falls.

It's really beginning to look like we may not make it out to California this Christmas.  The news is now saying this winter storm is going to be the worst in about 40 years, with up to 18 inches of snow and lots of wind.   The storm begins today and goes until Friday.  It really starts to get bad tomorrow night, which is when our flight is supposed to leave for CA. We may still be able to fly out, but I think we probably have about a 90% chance it will be cancelled.

I said this on Facebook already but I'll say it here too.  While I would LOVE to see my family this Christmas, especially since I haven't spent Christmas with them since 2005, if it is God's will for us to stay home though, then so be it.  All that matter is that God is glorified and if this is how it has to work then okay!  We can always try for a trip to CA next year.  Christmas isn't just about family, it is about the birth of Jesus Christ.  We can celebrate no matter where we are!

This has been such a strange Christmas season... it seems to have flown by faster than usual.  The whole year has gone by fast.  There are only two days left until Christmas! Wow.   Maybe next year will be a little slower than this year ;)


  1. Thats a wonderful attitude to have Shaina. Gods knows what hes doing - he is in control of everything. Even though we dont understand why things happen, there is a reason and its for the better!

  2. I'm glad for you that you were able to make it to California. : )


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