Thursday, December 3, 2009

Flip Diapers - Zoe's New Cloth Diapers

Several days ago I read about the new Flip diaper system by Cotton Babies (the makers of BumGenius diapers).   It's affordable, the diapers are cute, trim, and easy to adjust!  You also don't need to buy 3 different sizes, it's just one size and you adjust it to fit your baby at whatever age/weight they are at.

I stopped by our local mom & baby store Elegant Mommy and was delighted to find it there! They were on sale too!  Just $13.95 for the diaper cover and one stay dry insert.   We also bought two gDiapers because they were clearanced due to old packaging.  The same diapers, just in the old packaging.  So we bought those two for $17.99, and they came with about 8 disposable liners (I think) for the gDiapers.    

We used them a couple times and thought, "so far so good!"  The sale for the brand was about to end so we kind of took a gamble and went ahead and bought 2 more covers and 6 inserts from the cotton babies website for just $39.00!   What I love about the Cotton Babies website is that they do not charge for shipping!  What an amazing deal for what we got.

I'll update this post with pros and cons in a couple weeks, once we've had a good amount of time to try them out.  It's been two days so far and they seem to be working pretty well.  No leaks yet!

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