Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Coupon Resources: Finding & Printing Coupons

Coupons = Money Saved!

You can save quite a bit of money on groceries each month if you take a little time each week to clip/print coupons. I personally do grocery shopping once a month, so once a month I will spend about an hour clipping & printing coupons. It's fun and simple.  If you get creative, you can end up saving more than you spend. I haven't yet done this, but hope to eventually!  Below I've compiled a list of where to find general grocery coupons, organic coupons, and local coupons.

How to Begin:

To print coupons you will first need to download a coupon printer.  When you go to print your first coupons, the site will usually prompt you to download the coupon printer. Once it's downloaded and installed, you will not need to do it again until you have a new computer. You are able to print a limited amount per month.  Usually it is 2 per item per month, per website.

Note about Browsers:  If you use Google Chrome (as I do) you will not be able to print coupons using this browser.  The coupon printer is not yet compatible with this new browser.  I use IE (Internet Explorer) to print my coupons.  If you use Firefox or Safari, those will also work.

General Grocery Coupons:

Organic/Natural Grocery Coupons:

Local Deals & Coupons (Sioux Falls, SD):

  • HyVee Coupons -- Printable Store and Manufacturer Coupons

  • Shopping News & Sunday Paper HyVee Inserts - These often contain store coupons for HyVee.

  • Argus Leader Deals -- Posted Sunday Paper Ads, Local Restaurant Deals, Coupons, and more!

  • Smart Source Online Grocery Circular -- Online HyVee Deal List

  • Big Soo Coupon Book  - These are usually sold for fundraisers, but are also sold in some stores in town.  I will post which stores as soon as I find them!

  • Shopping News Monthly Coupon Books - These coupons are mainly for local restaurants and businesses in Sioux Falls.

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If you are aware of any other coupon resources to add to this list, please e-mail me at!

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