Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Zenni Optical - Prescription Glasses for $8!

About a year ago we heard about Zenni Optical, a website that offers high quality prescription glasses for as low as $8.00!   I kid you not.   This website is very affordable and the glasses are wonderful!  They have single vision, bi-focal, and progressive eyeglasses.  All you need is your prescription information.

The last pair of glasses I bought were $12.00!   Just about everyone in our family orders glasses though Zenni now.  The word is even spreading throughout our church.  I no longer worry about losing or breaking my glasses.

My daughter accidentally broke my glasses a few weeks ago so this time around I plan to buy memory titanium glasses (bendable) so that my daughter will have a tougher time breaking them and even then, it's only going to cost about $25.  There are hundreds of choices, check them out here.

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