Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's New?

A bunch of random updates this week...

My first ever GIVEAWAY is coming up soon! :) Stay tuned...

This week I have been reading about and trying online survey companies.  I've read about a few good ones and so far so good... I also discovered Swagbucks this week.  By using their serach engine (which uses google and ask.com) instead of google by itself, I earn swag bucks!  I plan to use them to get $5 Amazon cards every few weeks, since I can buy pretty much anything (even groceries!) on Amazon.   There are tons of other gift cards and prizes you can redeem swagbucks for though.  Good deal! I highly recommend this site!

My Dad mailed me a copy of his new CD "Stand in Awe" and I was thrilled to see two of my photos in the CD artwork! I remember he did ask me if he could use the photos but I forgot about it until I saw the CD.  Very cool!  I'm working on a photography blog that will be used as my website for now.

This week Zoe finally learned how to say "Grandma".   Up until this week she either didn't say anything to Grandma or she would  say "MA!!"  Or "MOM!"   She still calls Great-Grandma "MA!" though :)  She also learned how to say Trisha, Bridget, and Dee! (3 out of my 4 sisters).  She still doesn't say "Gabby" but she says "Abby"...close enough right? She has been able to say Paul for a while now and has yet to learn Charlie's name. It would help if I had a photo of Charlie somewhere!

We rearranged our living room, finally.  I've wanted to do this pretty much ever since we arranged it the first time (2 years ago), but we needed an extension cord and it was a lot of work to move our incredibly heavy TV so we put it off for a while.   Our living room feels so much bigger now! Zoe has more room to run around.  I love it!

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