Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We're Home!

Our Family - Oct 09

On Friday we drove from Sioux Falls, SD to Tulsa, OK.   This drive took us about 13 hrs because we made quite a few stops.  Our drive home on Monday was a little less than 12 hrs.  We arrived at about 5pm.  We went to Sams Club with Wendy to get some things for Jessie's party then we went out to eat at CiCi's with the rest of the family.

I always forget how incredibly beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma is!  This was my first time being down there in Autumn!  WOW. It was gorgeous!  It reminded me of Kentucky for sure.   If Gage ever receives a job offer in Tulsa, we're going! hehe.

Saturday we spent the day checking out Tulsa and visiting with family.  Most of the day was spent with my cousin Wendy and her daughter Jessie.  We went to a beautiful park and let the girls run around a bit.  Later that evening we took the girls trick-or-treating! Zoe did so well.  She walked right up to the doors, rang the doorbell (with Daddy's help), and as soon as the door would open she'd yell, "Cannyy!" (Candy).  We even managed to get a few "Thank yous" out of her hehe.

Sunday we spent the morning hanging out with my Aunt & Uncle.  We played a board game that my Uncle's cousin created.  It's called "Rich Man, Poor Man".   It was similar to Monopoly, but it doesn't take as long to play! :)  Later on we (Gage, Zoe, and I) went to the Woodland Hills mall in Tulsa to have lunch and walk around for a while until it was time to leave for Jessie's 2nd Birthday party!   We arrived at the party at about 3pm.   There were cupcakes, princess decorations, many gifts, and an adorable little Princess :)   I can't believe she's 2 already.  Pretty soon Zoe will be 2!   I keep telling Zoe to take her time.   I love the age she's at right now - 19 months :)

It was a good trip!  Relaxing and fun.  I've gone on 3 weekend trips in a row now.  I'm ready for a break!  No more trips for us for a couple months.  We just found out today that we're going to California for Christmas! Woohoo!

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  1. hi i love your blogg. i just wanted to ask you a question. i am a woman of limited means i wanted to know your secret, how to take affordable trips so often. Whats your secret in being able to take such lovely family reuion trips. Thanks for sharing

    God bless!!!


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