Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Saving on Organic Groceries

I'm new at buying healthy food.  I've always just bought whatever was cheapest.

Now I'm on a search to find good food while still maintaining a budget. I'm not one who believes all groceries need to be organic.  As long as the food is nutritional and there are little or no artificial ingredients or preservatives, I'm pretty happy with the food.  Depending on what you are buying, sometimes the nutritional value stays the same regardless of whether it is organic or not.  As a rule of thumb, the more natural the food is the better nutritional value it is going to have.  Organic just means it's about as natural as it can be.  Foods raised organically do not contain pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, or preservatives.  Organic food is more expensive, but in my opinion the nutritional benefits of many of these foods outweigh the extra cost of food.

There are ways to purchase organic foods while sticking to your budget!

Buy in Bulk (Online):

For those things you buy on a regular basis, buying in bulk is definitely the way to go.   There aren't too many ways to buy natural and organic foods in bulk around here so any bulk buying that we do is generally going to be done online.

Wellness Grocer -  This site offers several natural and organic products, if you buy 6 or more of the same product you receive a discount for buying in bulk. has their own Natural and Organic Grocery section, you can buy many things in bulk and save money doing it! You can also check out their sales here.

Use Coupons:

This is a big way to save money!  Coupons for organic foods are much harder to find than regular coupons, but they do exist.

  1. Create a separate email address to use for anything other than friends & family.  Using this address, sign up for newsletters & special offers from Cascadian FarmHorizon OrganicStoneyfield, and several others to receive printable coupons and updates on special offers.

  2. When you have an account and you shop at Amazon's Natural & Organic Grocery, they provide a "coupon book" on the main grocery page.  These coupons are chosen randomly and there are about 6 of them.

  3. Check the product, sometimes you can find coupons on or inside the boxed items.   These are known as "peelies".

  4. Look through the coupons in your newspaper.  Occasionally you will find a good coupon in there!

  5. Frequently check or subscribe to this blog:  Organic Deals & Coupons

  6. Frequently check and Mambo Sprouts for free printable coupons for organic products.  Just select the products you want coupons for, type in your e-mail, and there you go!

  7. Sign up to get your free Mambo Sprouts coupon book in the mail!  This booklet is mailed out 3 times a year.

  8. Ebay!  It seemed a little strange to me at first, paying for coupons.  It's similar to buying a coupon book.  You need to buy only the ones you use regularly.  You can find many great deals on ebay.  Often you can find 20-30 coupons for $1.00.  To search for organic food coupons on ebay, go here. If they are coupons you are actually going to use, that could save you $20 or more in many cases.

  9. For Earth's Best Baby & Toddler foods, buy them at Target.   I buy my daughter the toddler snacks and so far they've been $1-2.00 cheaper at Target than any other place I've seen them.

For a full list of manufacturers who provide coupons for their Organic products, click here.

Farms & Farmer's Markets:

Check out Local Harvest to find local Farmer's Markets, Farms, and Co-ops in your area.   If you buy in bulk from a farm or shop at a Farmer's Market you can find good deals.

Eat Wild - At this site you can do  a search on this site to find farms in your area.  We haven't had the opportunity yet to buy meat or dairy straight from a farm (as our income is simply too low), but I know people who have and let me tell you, the food is amazing.


  1. so much good information! i'll have to bookmark this and come back to it again.


  2. Shaina, another way to order natural foods in bulk and SAVE is through Azure Standard, you can look at what they carry on line and they deliver to SF once per month. The pick up is in the Scheels parking lot. If you want more information, let me know! I haven't ordered in awhile but plan to this month. They have produce too!

  3. I read about Azure Standard before and it didn't say they delivered to South Dakota at all! Huh. I'll have to check that out!


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