Friday, November 27, 2009

Food, Shopping, and a Parade of Lights


Tis' officially the Christmas season!! I'm so excited for this Christmas... we get to spend this Christmas in our hometown of San Diego, CA!  YES!  We are going to spend every moment possible outside enjoying the warmer weather.

This year's Thanksgiving was one we will not soon forget!  Thursday morning we drove over to Jenny & Mike's house (my in-laws) and had breakfast with the family.   With the exception of one oven fire, the day was a pleasant one.  We searched through Black Friday ads, played games, and cooked a ton of food.  This year I contributed cream corn..which I think turned out a little too creamy but it was still delicious!

Yesterday we (my mother-in-law Jenny, grandmother-in-law Sandy, Zoe and I) braved the mall, Target, and Kohl's.  We shopped from about 9:30am to 3:30pm.   I always forget just how exhausted I am when afternoon arrives the day after Thanksgiving!  Wow.  I could barely move my legs!   After a few hours of relaxing,  we all (Gage, Grandpa, and Mike included) went to the Parade of Lights in downtown Sioux Falls.   I love parades, especially when they are Christmas parades and it's not too cold outside.   Zoe had a great time at the parade!  She loved the horses.  She was not a fan of the big trucks though.

When the parade ended we walked over to Michelle's (a local coffee shop) and bought some delicious hot chocolate.  We also walked down to the brand new toy store that opened yesterday! It's a wonderful store!  Zoe had a great time in there.   I'm sure we'll make many more trips to that toy store.


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