Saturday, November 7, 2009

CCMH Worship Band - New Album! "Stand in Awe"

CCMH Worship Band "Stand in Awe"

Band: Calvary Chapel Mission Hills Worship Band

Album: Stand In Awe

Songs by: Greg Skodacek

Released: October 25, 2009

King David, Maranatha Praise Band, Brian Doerksen, Hillsong, Brenton Brown, Hillsong United, Gateway Worship, Desperation Band
Band Interests:
Bringing people into a place where there is true communion between mankind and the Creator God, where all the glory, honor, praise, adoration, and worship He alone is due, can be expressed from the heart, in spirit and in truth.

I'm not usually one to write reviews of books, CDs, or movies because...simply put, I'm horrible at writing reviews.  However, this is something I felt was worth writing about! It is the long-awaited Worship album by the Calvary Chapel Mission Hills Worship Band with all songs written by Greg Skodacek!

Greg Skodacek (my Dad) has been leading Worship for nearly 20 years.  I grew up listening to many of these wonderful songs!   These songs have been sung in several churches in the San Diego area for many years and now, finally,  an album has been released with these wonderful congregational songs.   The album has a contemporary-rock worship style of of music and the lyrics are scripturally based and glorifying to God.

This album is all about praising and worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ, as we (who are in Christ) will do for all eternity!   "Unto Holiness" has been a favorite of mine for many years.  "Oh Glorious God"  is simply beautiful.  I also love "All to You", which is sung by my little sister Gabrielle on the album.

If your church is looking for some new music, these are some fantastic songs to try out.     The album is currently available via download and  it is only $6.99!  You can hear several full songs and buy the album on their website CCMH Worship Band.   You also can listen to samples and buy the album on Amazon, iTunes, and e-music.   You can also become a "Fan" on Facebook here.

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