Friday, October 2, 2009

New blog....

This is my first official post at "Homemaking with Shaina" .

I'm horrible at coming up with creative and unique blog titles so I stuck with the most simple title I could come up with.  This blog is devoted to the art of  homemaking and my name is Shaina so, there you have it!  I've seriously changed the name of this blog 4 times now because I always try to be creative and end up disliking the name (all the more reason to never ever get a tattoo).  I'm pretty sure I'll stick with this one.  It's simple and to the point.

I moved over from to for a few reasons, the main reason being that Wordpress has far more features available .  For example, when someone clicks on a category they see a preview of multiple old posts rather than a few full posts (that always annoyed me in blogger),  you can easily edit categories and add tags, you can add pages to the site, etc.  In the past year I've read many blogs and I have found that the blogs I enjoy the most are the blogs that look clean and organized, yet they contain a lot of useful information.  That is my goal with this Wordpress site.

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