Saturday, October 3, 2009

Living and Learning in October 09

I have often made lists similar to this on scratch paper, but today I was inspired by this blog. I love the idea of having a list of things I'm currently doing and a list of goals for the month.  I accomplish so many more tasks with the help of lists and having it posted on a blog in some ways holds me accountable!

Special Days and Events:

  • October:  Pastor Appreciation Month and  Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  • October 4 - Gage's brother's 17th Birthday

  • October 8-10th - Garage Sale

  • October 9 - Autumn Festival (Arts & Crafts Show)

  • October 12 - Zoe turns 19 months old

  • October 14 - My sister's 19th Birthday

  • October 16-18 -  Traveling to Minnesota for the Women of Faith Conference with Anna.

  • October 22 - Eat a Pretzel Day!  Yum :)

  • October 29 - Our 5th Dating/Courting Anniversary

  • October 30 - Drive to Tulsa, OK

  • October 31 - Halloween.  Zoe is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz this year!  Grandma Jenny is making her costume.

Homemaking  Goals:

  • Establish some regular routines with Zoe (night time routine, day time routine, etc)

  • Establish a new Meal Planning system.

  • Put away summer clothes.  Get out, wash, and organize warm clothing.

  • Go through the house and find a TON of stuff to sell at the Garage sale! ;)

  • Attempt to make a soup from scratch.  I've never done this before.

  • Complete my "framed photo collage" on the wall in the living room.  It looks silly right now because it's missing a framed photo.


  • Read Proverbs and answer the questions in the study book for church.

  • Continue to read "Lies Women Believe" by Nancy Leigh Demoss

  • Things to try: Oil Cleansing (for face)

  • Study:  Godly Wisdom

  • Do research on the following topics:  Homemade and Natural Soaps,  Charlotte Mason, Toddler Education, Breast Cancer


  • Teach Zoe how to draw with crayons on paper, rather than eating them.

  • Begin teaching Zoe about the "Potty"

  • A visit to the Pumpkin Patch.

  • A trip to the Library.

  • A trip to the Zoo (weather permitting)

  • Bake cookies with Zoe's "help".

  • Continue to work on sharing.

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