Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zoe at 18 Months Old!

Her Favorite Words/Sayings:

"I sit down."


"Gink?" (Drink)


"Guck." (Stuck)

"Daaeee" (Daddy)

"Baff?" (Bath)

"Bie" (Bite)

"Err Go" (There we go.)

"Peee" (Penny, our dog.)

"Sooeee" (Zoe)

"Cheeos?" (Cheerios.)

"Aaaww Done"

As soon as we finish putting her shoes on, she says, "Ahh Go!!" As in, "Let's Go!" If it actually is time to go, she continues with saying "Keys?", "Cars!", "Go!" "Buh-Bye!"

Words Learned this Week:

"Mouse." (As in, computer mouse...of course. Hehe. She was calling it a car so we had to teach her the proper term.)



"Fie" (High Five)

"Hom" (Home)

"Anna" (My friend)

"Fum" (Fun)


"Bow" (Ball)

"Oww" (When she gets hurt)


"Wuss" (Uncle Russ)
"Judah" (one of her friends from church)

"Noah" from the Bible

New Activities within the past two weeks:

  • Pretend eating out of bowls.

  • Pretend drinking out of play tea cups.

  • Sharing her pretend food and drinks with people.

  • Climbing onto the couch or a chair and sitting down, then gracefully climbing down. No falls!

  • Running!

  • Pointing at the actual person or object and then pointing to the same person or object in a photo. Points to Daddy: "Daaee" Points to picture: "Daaee"

  • Opens some doors. (Oh joy!)

  • Daddy built Zoe her first fort today but, she didn't quite understand the purpose. She would rather tear it down and play with the blanket :) Penny on the other hand loved the fort!

In the photo above: Zoe and her favorite ball. Unfortunately it has a hole in it and it will not stay inflated so I think we're going to have to replace it with a new ball soon.

She's attempting to put words together this week! There are here first *almost* sentences:

Took place today after Grandpa put something in the trash. "Grandpa got trash?" (9/20/09)

"Peeee (Penny our dog) got Cheeo (Cheerios)" after Penny ate a few of her cheerios. (9/22/09)

New Troubles:

  • Does not like to share, at all.

  • Starting to push other kids out of the way.

  • She has very great verbal skills, but has very few listening skills.

  • Cries whenever Daddy leaves, even if it's just for a minute.

Zoe loves eggs! So far we've tried hard boiled eggs and scrambled eggs, she loves them both.

Zoe does not like cream corn:

I asked Zoe if she wanted some corn (cream corn actually). She said, "Coon?" (Yay, another new word!) She said, "Oh okay. I sit down." She sits down on the chair. I gave her a bite and...*kerplop!* There it goes, spits it right out of her mouth. This may be a regular thing for some babies but not Zoe. I actually laughed because she will rarely spit anything out. I guess she really doesn't care for creamed corn!

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