Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Soap Nuts: A Natural Laundry Detergent

I know what you're thinking. Soap nuts??

Yes, laundry soap that grows on trees.  Love it!

Soap Nuts are the fruits of soapberry trees and they contain saponin, a natural cleanser that's been used to centuries for laundering.

It is (obviously) a 100% natural product and chemical free.  It costs about the same or a little less than other detergents, depending on if they are on sale or not.  It is great for people with allergies and they work great with cloth diapers!
"Soap Nuts are a 100% natural alternative to harsh chemical detergents & household cleaners. Eco-friendly, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, unscented, highly effective, yet very gentle. No more softeners & dryer sheets! " - NaturOli Website

They have a 5 load sample you can buy for $2.95! I decided that if nothing else came out of this it would at least be a fun thing to try. So I bought it and within a couple days my little bag filled with 5 soap nuts arrived.

To my absolute surprise, they worked! Our clothes are fresh, soft, and clean! I didn't even have to use any fabric softener or dryer sheets. I have done 2 loads with them so far and I can probably do about 2-3 more loads with these 5 nuts. The only "problems" I have:

1) Since I didn't use a dryer sheet my clothes were staticy, which really has nothing to do with the soap nuts. I think I'll continue to use dryer sheets until I find a new solution.

2) I LOVE the smell of regular laundry soaps. Especially the one I regularly buy. I know, I'm weird. I have always adored the smell of laundry rooms. The NaturOli company suggests adding a few drops of an essential oil to a cloth in the dryer if we want a frangrance but I'm doubting there is an essential oil out there that will resemble that of laundry soap, haha.

In addition to the raw soap nuts you can also purchase a liquid version, and an all-purpose cleaner. When you order the raw soap nuts you are also given instructions on how to make your own liquid soap and other household cleaners.

How to use the raw Soap Nuts:

It is very simple. Just throw 4-5 soap nuts into the little bag they send you. Close the bag, place in the wash before you put in your clothes. They work best in warm water. They send detailed instructions when you buy them, but that is basically it! Super simple!

Click here to find out about the Sampler!

For more information:

Soap Nuts FAQ's

Soap Nuts Pro

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  1. Sounds like a neat product! Glad you reviewed it for us!


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