Friday, August 7, 2009

What I've been doing...

Here we go again! My computer has something mysteriously wrong with it. Ever since we bought it, we have had problems with it. It is the only computer in the house that consistently has problems (and we have 4 computers all together). Long story but now I am using Windows Vista - Business instead of Linux. The plan was to switch to XP but I figured I'd try Vista since we had an extra one. We'll see how well this works out. So far this computer has had Windows XP, Linux Mint, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.

The problems stemmed from some work I was doing yesterday with photos. I took some engagement photos for a couple on Wednesday and I had been trying to do some editing and uploading them to I had problems all along the way and uploading took longer than editing! The thing about Linux is that its more for people who have knowledge of how computers work, like my husband. I had to keep asking him for help every day. Even though it ran better than Windows, I think for now I'm sticking with Windows. It is much easier for me.

Last night I decided to try and figure out how I can recover all of my lost photos from June & July that were lost on that hard drive that crashed. That includes alllll of the photos from our CA trip and then some. Over 2000 photos. The week before the hard drive crashed I uploaded all of those photos to shutterfly! So they are all on so I figured I'd just order a few CDs and there we go! But They do not sell photo CDs!! They sell photo DVDs and they cost money. It would have costed me $35 to recover all of the photos. I did some searching on the internet for another option and I found a free option but it requires some extensive mouse clicking. I need to "right click" and "save" each individual photo once its on my photo share site ( So I added them to our family site ( and starting clicking away... I'm almost half way done now. *sigh*



  1. I think part of the reason that the DVD costs money is that they burn all your high-res originals to it, which has to be done by hand.

    The method you're using will only save the web preview size of the image, which is generally smaller and only 72dpi. That means it's fine for displaying on the web, but not for printing.

  2. Btw, I just checked my previous post (should have done that before, right? -lol)

    The image that was downloaded was large (1600 x 1060px or 22x14") but only 72dpi. When I converted it to 300dpi without resampling, the image size was 5.3 x 3.5. So if you're only going to print 4x6 prints, this method is fine. If you need enlargements, the image size will probably be a bit small.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Yeah most photos I just print at 4 X 6 so this way is fine. There definitely are some photos I'd love to print larger but I can live without them I guess :) If I absolutely have to have an 8 X 10 copy of one of these photos I'll go ahead and by one of their DVDS :)

    Thanks for the info!


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