Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ted and Katharine Oswald!

She looked so beautiful!! I found this picture on facebook posted by Katharine's friend Lindsay. Katharine is the 3rd out of my 6 bridesmaids to be married now. She has now husband Ted Oswald were wed yesterday in San Diego, CA. It's hard to think that she is no longer Katharine Daulton anymore! I feel so bad that I could not make it to their Wedding. I searched for affordable tickets for 2 months before the Wedding and I guess this is a bad time to buy plane tickets because there was never anything I could afford.

Katharine and I met in late Dec 2000 online. We were both huge Hanson fans. We met in person in January 2001 at my 16th birthday party in Temecula, CA and from then on we made many happy memories together by attending concerts, going to Hollywood for the first time, and hanging out at each others houses. She lived in Carlsbad and I lived in Escondido. What a huge blessing Ted is for Katharine. I am so glad the Lord has provided her with a husband who will love and cherish her all her life! I look forward to meeting him someday. They live in Phillidelphia, PA now so it may be a while before that happens.

I pray that the Lord blesses them and that they would keep the Lord the in center of their marriage.

Congratulations Katharine & Ted!

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