Friday, August 28, 2009

No Facebook for a Week! :o)

I typically check my Facebook account once every 3-4 hours during the day. If Zoe is napping, if she's watching a TV show or something that I can't really participate in. Sometimes its more sometimes its much less. I think FB is a wonderful site overall and I think it is amazing that I can be in touch with nearly everyone I have ever known, every single day. I get so excited when I hear of a new baby coming or when someone posts pictures of their family that I haven't seen in years. Nearly everyone in my family (even my Grandma!) is on there so its a great way for them to hear what is going on with us here in South Dakota. FB has so many wonderful aspects to it! It also has its drawbacks though.

However, lately I have been noticing that my attitude during the day is in direct connection with what is going on in the lives of my friends and family on facebook. If I see an argument between friends or if someone disagrees with something I say or if someone posts something utterly disgusting and it leaves me questioning who they are as a person, it is almost guaranteed that I will be affected by it in a bad way for the rest of the day. The same goes for days when everything is going well on facebook, my day is a better day. This is not how a person's life should be! Of course I love to hear great updates and news from friends and family, but facebook has become a 2nd home to people where they feel completely comfortable announcing to the whole world about their troubles, no matter how personal they may be. There are also people who have no problem complaining day after day after day in their status'. They think it will draw sympathy for them when really it does the exact opposite. I honestly have a very negative view of a lot of my friends that I never would have had without it. No I'm not just pointing fingers here, I am very guilty of doing these same things. I'm sure there are people who are not impressed with things I post on there sometimes as well.

I am taking a week off from facebook starting today to get back to reality. I'm hoping that I can get to a point where I just check FB maybe once every 3-4 days and have most of my corresponding be through e-mail or phone. I'll see how this week goes and then maybe I'll take another week off as well.

I want my life to reflect Jesus Christ. The only way for that to happen is for me to stop relying on what everyone else is doing and focus on my own walk with God.

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