Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Fun: Bike Rides, Cleaning, a Wedding, and Less Photography

We have a Wedding coming up in the family. Gage's cousin Monique will be getting married in the old courthouse on Saturday! Extended family members are flying in at various times during the week, the first of them arrives tomorrow. We will have a couple staying with us in our basement (which is a very nice basement, it's where we lived the first 6 months we were here). They arrive on Friday, I believe. So lately I have been cleaning, preparing for visitors. With the help of Sandy & Whitt (Gage's Grandparents) I've accomplished a great deal of cleaning this week. Now the whole basement is clean and organized, the many windows in the patio room are clean inside and out, the upstairs is mostly clean, and I even took time to clean Gage's drumset, which he has never once cleaned in the 10 years he's owned them. Yesterday I cleaned and organized most of Zoe's room. We have boxes filled with garage sale items out in the garage now (including a ton of baby girl clothes). I'm so glad to be finished with all the big things, now its time to get to work on a bunch of small things.

I have been so busy cleaning that I have been on the computer much less. It has been quite refreshing! Don't get me wrong, I do love my computer! :) I love to catch up with friends online, read blogs on homemaking, recipes, & photography, and I spend a lot of time going through, organizing, and editing photos that I take, which includes a ton of time on the computer.

While I do enjoy working with photos, too much of it can actually get pretty stressful. It is what professional photographers do for money because it is a substantial amount of work. I have put my photography on the back burner for now. Right now I want to spend more time with my family and less time working on photos. The entire purpose of me not having a job right now is so that I can be home with my daughter, and though I am home with her, I feel like I am constantly working on some photo project and not spending enough time with her. I've also become the "family photographer"...which has also become a problem. I love photography and I love to document special family events but seriously, if I continue this I will become the most anti-social person on the planet. I actually *enjoy* socializing, and when I am behind the camera all I think about is getting great shots of this event that I am not actually participating in.

I've been trying my hardest to take far less pictures at family events. Even when I'm asked to take photos, I know that the people who ask are not expecting 100 fantastic photos of the day, they just want a few (as in, maybe 20?) good ones. 4th of July and Monique's Bridal Shower were my first two experiments. I took less than 100 photos, which is a GREAT accomplishment for me haha. In fact, I only took 70 at the 4th of July family gathering..and there were a LOT of people there to photograph!

I think for now I will stick with my Bible studies and blogging during Zoe's naps and when she is awake, no computer. I moved my computer into my bedroom so I would have less access to it haha. Maybe at some point in a month or so I'll work out a schedule so I can work on photos for short periods of time. Right now, I am enjoying a good break from photography. Obviously with the Wedding coming up I do have to make some exceptions: The trying on of the dress, the Wedding rehearsal & dinner, and of course the candid reception photos that she wants me to take. After that, it is strictly documentation photos for a while, like a normal person!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I use a Nikon D40, but agree that lugging it around is such a pain! And, I live 45 minutes away from you! ;) A fellow SD! :)


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