Friday, July 17, 2009

A good week!

This week has been a good one for us. Zoe leg is healing and she's able to take a few steps here and there, Gage was delighted to play drums at church on Sunday, and I hosted our Thursday morning Bible Study at our home and it went exceptionally well. We had one little mishap on Wednesday when we went to have lunch and swim at McKennan park with Anna & Kjersten. Zoe's leg started to hurt her and she was crying up a storm so we had to leave before we could swim. We'll make another attempt next week I'm sure. On Monday I decided to create a website for my photography, so I spent every free moment I got putting it together for the next 4 days. I finished it last night. It's a great thing to have but man am I glad to be finished with it.
This week we also helped watch Gage's younger brothers while his parents went to the Black Hills to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. We had a full household from Sunday - Wednesday! 4 dogs, 2 boys, 2 grandparents, 1 bird and our family. Yes, I did say a bird. Brad bought a bird this week and he named him after his friend Reese. As I said before, it was a good week :)

Today was a good day too. It is Gage's Grandparents' 51st Anniversary! We haven't seen much of them today since they've been off celebrating. This morning I woke up with the urge to exercise! That doesn't happen too often... We ended up going for a bike ride just before lunch time. I packed us a lunch and we rode on the bike path over to Sertoma park. We ate lunch and played for a bit before we rode back. I decided that was enough for exercise for me today. It was our first bike ride in a few months so I'm a little out of shape. Not completely though, as I did a lot of walking and hiking while we were in Yosemite a few weeks ago.

Zoe has had a pretty good day today. She enjoyed the bike ride and the park. She has a new Noah's Ark toy that she loves to play with at home, and since today was one of Daddy's days off, she was able to spend a lot of time with Daddy. A little while ago Zoe was down in the basement with Gage and she started climbing up the stairs. She then looks back and says "Heeeeyy Daaaaa!!!" to get Daddy's attention, then she continues climbing up the stairs which she knows she isn't supposed to do, but she was having a grand time trying to get her Daddy to chase her!

We ate dinner at CiCi's Pizza tonight because we hadn't been there in a couple months and we had a coupon. They didn't have 2 of my favorite things... *sigh* but it was still a good meal. Zoe is now in bed and me and Gage are on our laptops. Tomorrow is Sat, my Dad & Becky's 11th Anniversary! We *were* going to spend the day at JazzFest tomorrow but somehow Gage didn't get the day off so he has to work until 4 and the band he wants to see is at 4:30.... who knows if we'll make it there in time to see them tomorrow but I do think the plan is to at least go for a few hours tomorrow afternoon/evening.

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