Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fried Hard Drive, New Hard Drive, and 202nd Post!

I just noticed that the post I made about my Mom was my 200th post on this blog! My 1st "Blogoversary" is coming up in 19 days as well!

My poor poor hard drive:

On Sat we were going to go to the Jazz Fest but that never happened because my hard drive on my computer decided to just STOP WORKING and Gage spent that whole afternoon & evening trying to get it to work. He tried everything and even took it to a local computer shop and they even said that, "It's fried." So, I ended up loosing all photos from May - July, including the original trip photos, and a ton of videos from the trip and videos of Zoe from the last few months... a few big events (4th of July, a Bridal Shower, a housewarming party, etc.) Thankfully, I spent all of last week uploading our trip photos to Shutterfly.com so I could display them on my new Photography website!!! If I had not done that, all of the trip photos would have been lost (that's about 1000 photos.) I lost some great photos of Zoe though, which makes me sad... but it's ok, there are more photos of Zoe so far than were ever taken of me in my entire childhood haha.

A "brand new" computer:

Monday we bought a new hard drive for my computer once we decided there was nothing else that could be done to save my old hard drive.

Keep in mind that my husband is a computer programmer. I'm constantly hearing about all the new things in computerland and sometimes I understand what he's talking about, other times..not so much. Nevertheless, I have managed to absorbe QUITE a bit of information about computers since I've been married. With that said, I knew that getting a new hard drive meant that I would basically have a "New computer!" Ohh the possibilities!!

Gage installed Linux Mint. This is an operating system similar to Windows. So far I love it! It's a lot faster than Windows and doesn't seem to have as many issues. I've only been using it for a day though so we'll see how it works out.

I figured, new operating system, new hard drive... why not go with all new programs? :) I'm using Firefox instead of Chrome or Internet Explorer, Mozilla Thunderbird for my e-mail accounts, and Pidgin for Instant Messaging. It really is like a brand new computer.

I am now, without a doubt, and OFFICIAL Geek and proud of it! :o)


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