Sunday, June 28, 2009

We're home!

We flew in last night from Los Angeles. I am glad to be home but at the same time I really miss CA. We had a wonderful time :) I could write a book about our many adventures but I'll condense it to a few paragraphs.

Escondido (San Diego County) - Aside from a couple days of illness, the week we spent in Escondido was wonderful. I loved seeing my family & friends again! We spent time in Oceanside at the beach a few times, we ate at my favorite restaurants, and I was able to go to an old Bible Study that I used to attend outside of a Starbucks in San Marcos. Gabby, Zoe, and I met up with my Aunt Lisa and Grandma Peggy in Temecula for lunch one day and on another day we got a bunch of people together from my old church and we had dinner (Mexican food of course.)

Yosemite National Park - I seriously took about 800 photos during the week that we were there. It is sooo beautiful there! I've been there many times before but I had never spent a whole week there. We stayed with Gage's grandparents who are volunteer workers there. His Grandpa is a Desk Officer in the North Pines campground this year. In the mornings they go on bear patrol to check for damage made by bears. While we were there we rode bikes, we went down to Yosemite Village a couple times, walked over to Curry Village tons of times, some of us took a watercolor class and painted the Yosemite Falls, Gage and I went on a Photography walk with a guide photographer one morning, we went to Happy Isles a couple times, and we hung out at our campground quite a bit. The last full day in Yosemite I ended up with a bladder infection so once we got to Oakhurst (near Bass Lake) the following day I went to a clinic. I still don't know how much it is going to cost us because they have yet to send us a bill.

Bass Lake - We went to Bass Lake for a family reunion on my father-in-law's side of the family. During our week at the condos near Bass Lake we spent a lot of time in the jacuzzi and pool every single day. It was so amazing to be able to go into the hot tub every evening, especially after a day of hiking. We also spent another day back in the Yosemite because that side of the family had never been there before. We went out on the lake for a day and I actually tried tubing and went on a Jet Ski for the first time! On another day we went to Mariposa Grove and did a 4 mile hike (2 of those miles were uphill - we went up 600 ft in elevation). Gage's parents and brother Brad had done two 8 mile hikes earlier in the week so they had no problem with it but man..that was a challenge for me! haha. I enjoyed most of it though and walking back downhill was much easier. The last day we just relaxed, swam, and packed up our stuff.

Traveling home - It went pretty smoothly for the most part. We ate breakfast at Del Taco in Fresno, lunch at Rubios in L.A, then we arrived at LAX and had a few issues here and there, which always happens in airports, but once our flight took off everything was good. It was a 3 hr direct flight to Sioux Falls! Gotta love that :) The airport is only 10 minutes away from where we live too!

It's great to be home and sleeping in our super comfortable bed! Speaking of which... I think it is time for bed! :)

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