Sunday, June 7, 2009

CA Trip so far!

I've been in California since Wednesday the 3rd.

Wednesday -

The flight went well. 3 hours with Zoe on my lap. She slept for about 45 minutes and I kept her occupied with snacks most of the time. Going through security was the worst part. I had to carry a stroller (folded up!), blanket, sweater, large heavy backpack, my purse,
a diaper bag, and Zoe all at once through the line. Once I finally got to the security area I had to take of my shoes & Zoe's shoes, then get out the laptop and put everything in the proper bins all while Zoe is wandering around the security area by herself because I couldn't hold her while I did all of this... she ended up crying and screaming because she was scared. Other than that, the trip went well. We met up with my Aunt Luanne at LAX then drove to a mall in Century City (near Hollywood) and ate dinner with my cousin David, cousin Wendy and her husband & daughter Jessie (who is 5 months older than Zoe). Elliott was with Luanne when she picked us up (he's my cousin Adam's 2 yr old son).

Thursday - We hung out with my cousins and their kids, my Aunt Luanne, and Grandma
Huddleston. I finally met Scarlett!! She is my cousin Adam's 3 month old daughter. We went to Del Taco for lunch!!! I love Del Taco.... Then we went to a park and fed some ducks. We ate dinner & celebrated Adam's 28th birthday at The Old Spaghetti Factory. It was great to see Zoe with all 3 of her little cousins!!

Friday - We hung out at Luanne's until about noon. From there we went to Heather's house, then to CoCo's for lunch. We met up with a friend of mine that I had only known online named Corina. She has a son that is Zoe's age so it was fun to see Zoe walking around with someone her size, hehe. We found a Frozen Yogurt place and hung out there. From there we drove down to Escondido where we dropped off Michelle at her house, visited with some friends & saw my Dad at band practice. We went to the Holliday's house and hung out until it was time to go home and go to bed.

Saturday - We went to the beach! My favorite beach is the one in Oceanside and my favorite place in the world is at the end of the pier so, that is where we went. Amanda, Shannon, Mike, Charles, Seth, Gabby, Christopher, Maria, Zoe, and myself all went down the pier and back. It took us about 45 minutes. I seriously think there were about 500 pictures of Zoe taken on that pier. Between the 3 professional cameras we had, 2 regular cameras, and 2 video cameras haha. It was like she was famous and we were the poparazzi. Crazy! After the pier, some of us went to our friend Chelle's house. She has a pool and a jacuzzi (sp?). We hung out around the fire pit and talked about computers...haha. Gage would have loved that conversation. We ended the night with a game of Apples to Apples with 17 people and I won!! :oD

Sunday - Went to church! I love listening to my Dad and my sister sing. I video taped a couple songs until my tape ran out...of course. Something happens everytime I'm there so that I can't videotape them. It was great to hear a message by Dave James too. I loved visiting with people from my old church too! Aunt Luanne, Uncle Ken, and Grandma Huddleston came down to visit. They were at church and then we went to Oceanside to have lunch at Anita's (our family's favorite restaurant) and we went to the time-share condo where my Aunt Dawn & Uncle George are staying down there. Zoe had a blast walking around in there and chatting with all the family members. Once we returned to Escondido, Zoe and I went over to Shannon and Mike's house for dinner. It was nice to relax finally... up until tonight we had been in large groups. It was nice to just sit and talk with Shannon & Mike and let Zoe play.

So that's everything! Tomorrow I think I'm going down to the beach again with Shannon, and later in the week we may go to the Wild Animal Park. Friday we'll be hanging out with some old friends from CCHV. Tuesday I am going to borrow a car from Shannon & Mike so I'll be driving around here for the first time since I moved...that'll be interesting. I think we're going to meet up with my Aunt Lisa and Grandma Woodward on Tuesday.


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  1. It sounds like you are having a lovely and very full time. Thanks for updating! ; ) Have a wonderful rest-of-the-trip.


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