Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Sickness

I figured by the time Spring arrived the sicknesses would die down.... well, Zoe has a cold, Gage has a bad cold, and I have some strange stomach flu. Gage and Zoe didn't make it to church on Sunday but I went because I was feeling fine and it was my turn to help in the nursery. I ended up with a twisted wrist when one of the 2 year olds jumped on me unexpectedly...hah.. so needless to say this has been quite a week! Some good news though - Gage finished his semester today!!! He is free from school for the summer. I'm so glad he's finished because the last couple months he has been overloaded with homework, tests, and quizzes and now he has time to breathe!

Even though I'm not feeling too well tonight, I saw that there were 2 bananas on the counter that were nearing their end so I had to make some homemade banana bread with a new recipe that I have and I must say... it was *excellent* I will definitely be making this bread again in the future.

I'm watching American Idol right now and I am totally shocked! Kris Allen is in the top 3!!! He's been my favorite for the past couple months and I never thought he'd make it this far, and judging by the look on his face a few minutes ago, he never expected it either. I've never bought an album by any American Idol contestant before but I'm almost positive I'll get Kris's album when he makes one. He has an excellent voice!

Tomorrow we begin our new Women's Study at church using the book titled "Seeking Him" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I've never really been a fan of studies that were not based on a specific book of the Bible but this one looks to be pretty Biblical and though the focus is primarily about me and my own spiritual walk, I think it will still glorify God because it's teaching me how to live a life that will glorify Him and not myself and I think I will benefit from doing this study.



  1. I definitely agree about buying Kris' album. I haven't been able to watch AI much this year, but I've liked him from the start.

    I hope everyone in your family feels better soon!

  2. I hope you all start feeling 100% again soon! We've been battling yucky colds too.

  3. i hope you all start feeling better soon.

    God bless you, Shaina.


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