Saturday, May 30, 2009

In 100 Days...

I will be 9000 days old!

Pretty crazy thought haha. A few days ago Gage was on some statistic website of some kind and he figured out how many days old I was. As of today I am 100 days away from turning 9000 days old. I wonder how I should celebrate. ;)

The past two days we have been pretty spontaneous. Yesterday Zoe and I went swimming (Zoe's first time "swimming" in an outdoor pool) at McKennen Park's little kid pool (it's only about a foot - a foot 1/2 deep and it has fountains and a little slide). First thing she does...lets go of Grandma and dives head first into the ice cold water. You should have seen the look on her face! I did happen to catch this on video though so I'll try to post it on here sometime soon.

Today my friend Rachel sent me a message on Facebook asking if we wanted to go to the Zoo. Gage was just about to stop by the house on his break from work so I quickly got dressed, got Zoe ready, packed a little food, and we drove Gage back to work and we made our way to the Zoo, which is a whole 5-8 minutes away from our house. It was a pretty fun trip. Zoe enjoyed the ducks of course :)

She's awake now from her nap so I guess that means I'm done here!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zoe's Favorite Words

In the photo above: Zoe had been playing with some large plastic easter eggs and she decided she wanted to stick them in her shirt. This was the result. lol.

Zoe's new favorite words to say:


She has also been doing the "more" sign when she's hungry. I don't know why she uses that one instead of the sign for "food" but its better than nothing :)

One week from today and we'll be in CA! I've got to start packing!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

List Making to the Extreme

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE LISTS. I got this from my Mom, she made a list for just about everything. I love lists because once I have a list, I feel completely prepared and content knowing that I won't forget anything because, it's on the list :) Plus I have a horrible memory and if I didn't write everything down, it would not get done.

My list making obsession becomes the most evident when I'm packing for a trip. If the trip is nearly a month long (such as the one I have coming up), I take list making to a whole new level, creating a 6 page report on what needs to be done haha. I started out a couple weeks ago searching online for anything and everything I need to know about traveling with a toddler by myself, then last week I made a list of the basic essentials that we need in our bags. This week, I have a list for just about everything. Especially since the trip is split up with Zoe and I leaving on the 3rd and Gage (and his family) leaving on the 13th. Seriously, I've already created lists for the following:

  • All contents for the big brown suitcase, my stuff and Zoe's stuff.
  • All contents of my purse, Zoe's little backpack, and my backpack. (That's 3 lists)
  • All contents for the black carry-on suitcase that Gage will be bringing.
  • All contents of Gage's backpack.
  • A list of specific toys to bring for Zoe.
  • A list of things to do on the plane to keep Zoe entertained for 3 hrs.
  • A list of things for Gage to do during the 10 days that he's home and we're not.
  • A list of things I need to accomplish before leaving on this trip...
Seriously, this is insane! But hey, at least I'm prepared :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Yay! Kris Allen!

I still can't believe Kris Allen actually won American Idol! He has been my favorite since about mid March and the show began in January. I have to write about this because I'm so fascinated by this. Not only was he the underdog that came out of nowhere about 5 weeks ago but he's a Christian too! When the show started, they showed him only a few times. He wasn't really talked about much so by the time he made it to the top 13, we didn't really know much about him at all. I remember his audition and it was nothing spectacular, but he definitely was good. For weeks and weeks people were talking about Danny Gokey (another Christian worship leader I might add) and Adam Lambert. Then about 5 weeks ago, Kris had one great performance and from then on he did great every week. American Idol is one of the few shows that we watch each year. This year was pretty awesome with 6 out of the top 13 contestants being Christians! Kris Allen helped lead worship at his church before auditioning for AI. The media has labeled him the "humble one" because he never spoke too highly of himself and he was always genuinely shocked every week that he made it through to the next round. When Ryan announced his name as the winner of AI, he was so completely shocked (as you can see in the picture to the right). It just seems so unheard of that someone with his personality and someone so humble could win something like AI. I think it's fantastic! I don't know anything about his walk with Christ, but I think he definitely is going to (and has already been!) a light in the dark world of Hollywood.

I've never felt so happy for a winner of American Idol before. I'm not sure if he'll enter the "Christian Music" scene or not. Either way, I'm excited for his album! It is one album I will definitely be buying.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sickness Rant and Zoe in Shorts!

This week it is sore throats, coughs, headaches, and other various aches and pains. Seriously, I used to go YEARS without getting sick in California, now I get sick in one way or another every few weeks during the Winter & Spring here. Though there are many pluses to living in South Dakota, getting sick so often is definitely not one of them. I don't even leave the house very often...just go to to church and maybe the grocery store. Zoe has some eye gunk that is finally starting to go away after about 4 or 5 days, Gage has had a cough for 2 weeks, and in addition to that cough now he is dealing with the same thing I am: headaches, a sore throat, feeling as if there is a balloon in your head..

Other than being sick, things are going pretty smoothly around here. Zoe has been practicing her running skills and not exactly succeeding as she continually falls, gets back up, runs, falls, gets back up. Gage is enjoying some free time now that school is finished for the semester, and I've been making a detailed list of what to pack and what bag to pack stuff in for the trip. My house is a mess though, because I haven't been feeling well. My goal is to have it *spotless* by the time I leave for CA in two weeks ;) We'll see if that happens.

Gage mowed the lawn today! Now we have a nice pretty green lawn. Zoe went outside and walked around in the backyard for the first time today, wearing her 2nd pair of shorts and and a tank top and boy did she look CUTE. I should have taken a picture :) We were given a Little Tikes play house for the backyard that was cleaned up today and is currently drying. Hopefully she'll get to check it out later on today.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Zoe's 1st Bike Ride!

For Christmas last year we received a double stroller/bike trailer from Gage's parents. We finally were able to use it for the first time on Monday! We took a ride down to Spellerberg Park and let Zoe play around. Zoe had fun walking around the park, swinging, going down slides with Daddy, and of course riding in the bike trailer! She's a little small for it (as you'll see in the picture at the bottom), but it works. It was so great to take Zoe on a bike ride with us!

Zoe riding on her favorite thing in the world....a duck, haha.

She'll grow into it...hehe

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zoe's New Kitchen

I am so excited about this little kitchen! A friend of ours sold it to us for $20.00! I had been planning on buying Zoe a play kitchen within the next year anyway so this works out wonderfully! She plays with it every day. Right now her favorite thing to do is open and close the oven and take out all of the drawers, haha. I like the look of it too, not too babyish. What a blessing!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Zoe - 14 Months Old!

Zoe is 14 months old today! Time is definitely flying by. My baby is turning into a toddler. She's walking, learning to talk, she is officially weaned (I stopped nursing her on May 5th), her hair is long enough for a ponytail, she's climbing on everything, she's learning to disobey... lots of fun ;)

I try not to think about the weaning thing too much because I would nurse her forever if I could. It made me so sad to stop, especially knowing I still could nurse her for another 6 months if I really wanted. I knew I had to stop eventually and she didn't seem very interested in nursing anymore so I figured now would be a good time to stop, regardless of how I felt. I feel like she's no longer a baby anymore. It makes me so sad that it often brings me to tears. I'm excited at the same time though. She's turning into such a beautiful and fun little girl. I'm in no rush for her to be any older though, I am enjoying each age as it comes along.

Here are a few recent photos of our sweet little girl!

Daddy and Zoe

Zoe on Mother's Day (5/10/09)

Zoe at the park (5/11/09)

Me and my baby girl on our 2nd Mother's Day together!

Zoe, excited the Spring has finally arrived!! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pray for my Aunt Lisa

My Aunt Lisa and Me in 2005

A few weeks ago my Aunt Lisa e-mailed me and told me that she may have breast cancer. She is my Mom's only sibling. She had a biopsy a couple weeks ago and found out that she does in fact have cancer. She told her Mom (my Grandma) yesterday. It is scary, but she's very optimistic and she's going to do everything possible to stop it. She said to me that she is going to "kick its butt." :) She's the same age my Mom (her sister) was when she died, but I think they may have caught it earlier than they did with my Mom, which would give Lisa a much better chance at beating it. She has surgery on the 20th and it is then that she will find out how much the cancer has spread. Please keep her in your prayers.

My prayer for Lisa tonight:

Dear Lord God Almighty, merciful and gracious Lord, there are no words to describe how magnificent you are! You have blessed me with so much and I cannot thank you enough. I pray that you will use this time to draw Lisa closer to you than ever before, that she would come to know you in a way that she never has before. I pray that she would be healed and make it through this difficult trial you have set before her. I also pray for my Grandma. She has lost one daughter already, I ask that you would spare her the pain of loosing another. I know that you are in control and everything happens according to your will. I pray that no matter what the outcome may be, that you would be glorified through this. Amen.

Video of Zoe Walking!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kimberly Carol Skodacek (Alger) - My Mother

There are too many happy memories to list but I thought I should post a little about my Mom on this Mother's Day. This is my 4th Mother's Day without my Mom. However, it is my 2nd Mother's Day as a Mother!

My Mom --

  • She was born in Landstuhl, Germany, though she was not German. Her father, who was in the air force, was stationed there.
  • She married my Dad in 1978 on December 16th.
  • She became a mother for the first time at age 29 in Riverside, CA when she gave birth to me in 1985.
  • She had a heart for Jesus.
  • She had one sibling - a sister named Lisa.
  • She was very friendly to everyone she met.
  • She was a homemaker, and before that -a color consultant.
  • She taught me that family comes first before a career.
  • She loved mystery TV shows.
  • She loved to be creative. She made crafts to sell at craft fairs and in craft stores and she loved it.
  • She once wore lettuce on her head, and I have proof. ;)
  • She told me she loved me every day.
  • She often took me to the mall with her when I was young and each time she would buy me a pretzel and an icee and we would go into the pet store and the hello kitty store.
  • She gave the best hugs ever.
  • She taught me how to laugh - I've been told I laugh exactly like my Mom did.
  • She called me "honey" most of the time and I find myself doing the same thing with Zoe now.
  • She used to buy me random cards or write little notes on paper and slip them under my bedroom door saying things like, "I'm so proud of you." or "I love you Punkin"
  • She spent a portion of her childhood in Kentucky and she loved it there, which is why she moved there later in life.
  • She loved anything Victorian.
  • Her favorite colors were cranberry red and forest green.
  • Her favorite band was Journey, she also loved Seal and Michael Sweet.
  • She went to Scholarship Camp with me one year as a counselor. I am so grateful for that experience with her.
  • She loved movies with Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, and Sandra Bullock.
  • She loved the movie, "When Harry Met Sally". We (my Mom, sister Gabby, and me) memorized Meg Ryan's character Sally's entire order she makes in the restaurant ("I'd like the chef salad please...." )
  • She loved Mexican Pizzas from Taco Bell.
  • She taught me how to make lists ;) She made a list for just about everything.
That's all for now, I think I'll post a list like this every year. It's great spending time thinking of good memories of my amazing Mom.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Sickness

I figured by the time Spring arrived the sicknesses would die down.... well, Zoe has a cold, Gage has a bad cold, and I have some strange stomach flu. Gage and Zoe didn't make it to church on Sunday but I went because I was feeling fine and it was my turn to help in the nursery. I ended up with a twisted wrist when one of the 2 year olds jumped on me unexpectedly...hah.. so needless to say this has been quite a week! Some good news though - Gage finished his semester today!!! He is free from school for the summer. I'm so glad he's finished because the last couple months he has been overloaded with homework, tests, and quizzes and now he has time to breathe!

Even though I'm not feeling too well tonight, I saw that there were 2 bananas on the counter that were nearing their end so I had to make some homemade banana bread with a new recipe that I have and I must say... it was *excellent* I will definitely be making this bread again in the future.

I'm watching American Idol right now and I am totally shocked! Kris Allen is in the top 3!!! He's been my favorite for the past couple months and I never thought he'd make it this far, and judging by the look on his face a few minutes ago, he never expected it either. I've never bought an album by any American Idol contestant before but I'm almost positive I'll get Kris's album when he makes one. He has an excellent voice!

Tomorrow we begin our new Women's Study at church using the book titled "Seeking Him" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I've never really been a fan of studies that were not based on a specific book of the Bible but this one looks to be pretty Biblical and though the focus is primarily about me and my own spiritual walk, I think it will still glorify God because it's teaching me how to live a life that will glorify Him and not myself and I think I will benefit from doing this study.


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