Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blizzards, Babies, and Kisses

This week:
  • Zoe added the word, "eyes" to her vocabulary. This morning she also tried to say "shoes" but she hasn't quite got it yet. Right now it's like "szzzz"
  • Zoe drank through a straw!
  • Zoe gave us kisses for the first time.
  • Zoe played her Daddy's drums for the first time! She did very well too.
  • Gage and I are celebrating 3 years since we got engaged! He proposed to me 3 years ago today!
  • I FINISHED MY PHOTOGRAPHY PROGRAM!!!!!!!!! It took me 2 years to complete and originally I was going to try and finish it in 6 months. I mailed in my last project and so as soon as they get it, I'll have a Diploma in Photography.
  • We had a BLIZZARD. Seriously, on the 3rd it was a beautiful grass was growing, it was in the 4o's or 5o's...the next day... we were covered in 6 inches of snow. Two days later, it all melted.
  • We met Emmeline Maine - our friends Mel & Tim had a beautiful baby girl on March 29th and we met her on the 4th. She is one of the most beautiful newborns I've ever seen!
  • Both of my brothers became a year older. My stepbrother turned 24 on the 6th, my brother turned 22 on the 7th.
  • We rearranged our living room a bit and hung things on the walls! I LOVE rearranging furniture... but I didn't think it was possible for this room, but after a year and a half of the same thing we finally changed a couple things and it looks a lot better in here.
  • We ate lunch at taco bell yesterday and we left with about 4 inside jokes.
  • I began exercising again. I've been SORE for 2 days. :)
  • We watched American Idol. We like all of them except Lil and maybe Anoop. They are still great singers though. My favorites are Kris Allen and Danny Gokey.
  • Went to Plato's Closet. A store Gabby has wanted to go to ever since she got here. It's one of our favorite stores. If only they wouldn't play so much rotten music!
  • We went to Wal Mart about 3 times. That is more than I go in about 3 months. We're all set for Easter baskets though!

So there we have it. A few updates from the past week or so.


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