Saturday, March 21, 2009


I just finished watching the movie Elizabethtown for about the 100th time. The first time I saw this movie was in the theater in 2005, very shortly after my Mom's death. I remember crying several times throughout the movie, laughing and relating to much of it, and when the movie ended, I just felt grateful for everything I still had. I was so thankful that God brought me through such a difficult thing. Elizabethtown could very well be my favorite movie of all time.

Reasons for this...

  1. It takes place in Kentucky. I lived there for 1 year but somehow during my 1 year spent there it had an enormous effect on my life, in large part due to the fact that my Mom lived there when she died.
  2. I can relate to the main character in sooo many ways.
  3. I can relate to finding beauty in life during such a time of grief. Drew goes through many of the steps of grieving throughout the movie and also the process of seeing his Dad after he died, the whole memorial service/funeral preparation and the memorial service itself. I always thought that whenever I lost my Mom I wouldn't be able to function and my life would be over, but gave me a greater appreciation for life and I began to enjoy more and find beauty in the simplest things.
  4. The trees and the beautiful countryside. My favorite thing about Kentucky.
  5. The story is about a guy whose Dad suddenly passed away in a small town in Kentucky. My Mom passed away, pretty suddenly, in a small town in Kentucky.
  6. I love how they mention Louisville in the movie and the never ending debate on proper pronunciation of the biggest city in KY. Luh-ville, Lul vulle, Louie Ville, Lewis-vill....
  7. The movie was filmed while my Mom was sick, very near to where she was. It was released after she died. She's actually the one who told me about the movie.
  8. The accents. They grew on me while I lived I love anyone with that good ol' Kentuuucky accent.
  9. The confusing road scene - "Did I miss 60B???"
  10. The family - The scene where he walks into that house and his huge KY family greets him. Ohh how I can relate to that scene!! I love it.
  11. The road trip and that incredible map! Just like Drew Baylor...A few days after my Mom's death I went on a road trip from Kentucky to California. It turned out to be exactly what I needed that week and I will never forget that road trip. Most road trips are pretty memorable for me but this one will always stand out. Now if I could only create a map and amazing as the one that is in the movie.... hehe.
  12. Orlando Bloom and Kirstin Dunst are two of my favorite actors.
  13. The music! This movie has a wonderful soundtrack.

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