Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthdays, Birthdays Everywhere!

This week so far we have celebrated the 11th birthday of my brother-in-law Brad and the 70th birthday of a friend that attends our home group (yay for ice cream cake two nights in a row!) My friend Bethany also turned 11 last week. On Thursday we will be celebrating Zoe's 1st Birthday! In addition to Zoe's 1st birthday on the 12th, it is also Ezra's 1st birthday, my cousin-in-law Andy's birthday, Rachel & Lauren's birthday, and... Gage's Aunt is set to have her c-section on that day which means we will have yet another birthday to celebrate on that day. Then my mother-in-law Jenny's birthday is on the 18th.

My friend Mel is due to have her baby in a couple weeks which means the baby could come at any time now... I wonder if it'll be on the 12th. :)

So this week is pretty exciting. Unfortunately yesterday Zoe and I both started to cough a little bit and today I have a full on cold. Zoe's is much more mild though, thankfully. This is the 3rd time we have been sick in the past month. Ick! Hopefully we'll be better soon. My sister will be arriving in just 3 days! I really need to get our guest room ready and basement cleaned!

In fact... I'm off to go do that right now.


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