Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Simple Saturday

Zoe has been sick with a cold for 2 1/2 weeks, and I have had a cold since Wednesday... it just seems to be getting worse each day. Zoe had a fever yesterday and again this morning. Ibuprofin is what has been getting us through this cold. She loves the taste of the liquid ibuprofen for babies so she's usually pretty upset once I give her one little taste of it then take it away. Oh well, it's worth it because it takes her fever away.

Right now we're just sitting around watching Finding Nemo (one of my favorite movies ever). Zoe is in the exersaucer playing with some toys and on our patio you will find not one but three rat terriers. Gage's family is on their way to Mexico for a week long mission trip and during this trip we have their dogs. They are basically going to be in the kitchen all week and outside when it's warm enough for them. I have got to buy a good mop... these dogs shed like crazy.

I've been doing whatever I can to get Zoe to eat because in addition to this cold/fever she is teething. Food is not very high on her list of favorite things right now. I think much of her illness is due to the teething but since I am sick now...I'm pretty sure what she has is due to more than just teething. She's been eating lots of Graham Crackers (her favorite food of the moment) and she'll eat plain oatmeal. Anything else I give her she will only eat a tiny bit of it, then she'll just cry and cry until I stop feeding her.

Well, from the looks of it, Zoe is done with her exersaucer for now. I'm off to entertain her! Maybe we'll try stacking some cups.



  1. Oh, I do hope you feel better soon! Little Man and I are just getting over our colds. It was yucky; he had a high fever, and he didn't want to eat either.


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