Monday, January 12, 2009

A Tough Week

Zoe LOVES green beans. They are her favorite food. They are the only food I can really count on with her. Usually I buy the frozen kind in large amounts, cook them, puree them, and then freeze them. This time I bought a giant can (the equivalent of about 6 or 7 cans) of green beans because it was very cheap at Sam's Club. Last night I discovered that she absolutely hates canned green beans. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all of these green beans... Gage likes them but not *that* much and I'm not a fan of green beans. I may just have to throw them all out.

Zoe has not wanted to eat anything lately. She doesn't like any fruits, she is very picky about vegetables, and she's not even a big fan of Cheerios anymore, which is very weird. I don't think it's a teething issue, but I guess that is always an option. I don't really know what to do. She does barley, oatmeal, rice, or mixed grain cereals, and she'll eat cheerios and she eats cheese... she really likes bread. She needs more protein though and she needs to eat fruits & vegetables. I really hope this is just a *short* phase she is going through.

She has also been having a tough time nursing lately. She is easily distracted --which is normal for a baby her age -- but she also really does not seem to be interested in nursing anymore. I think she may be weaning herself a little early. The problem with this is that she *hates* formula (I've tried it a few times this week). I may have to go straight to cow's milk... IF she'll drink it. I have a feeling if I tried it she would hate that too. She's 10 months old today, so my goal was to nurse for another two months at least and I really really really do not want to quit.

Arrrg! What is a Mom to do in situations like this?



  1. ♥ James 1:5 certainly applies. I would also encourage you to ask your husband for advice--he probably has some really practical advice about it.

  2. I can offer some friendly advice about the nursing thing. Try nursing in a darkened room alone with her with no tv or anything, so there isn't much to distract her and see if that helps. Lie down on the bed and nurse her or something similar. If that still doesn't work and you want to try to start giving her cow's milk, you could pump and give her breastmilk mixed with the cow milk. Only put a little in at first and then gradually every few days or every week increase the amount of cow milk as she gets used to the taste and until it is all cow's milk.Also, could you be pregnant? I got pregnant with Aron while I was still nursing Gabby and didn't know and she started lessening her nursing because the taste of my milk had changed.

  3. issues can sure get a mom worked up in no time, can't they? I don't think you should worry too much about protein: the green beans should have some, and I know the cheese has some. I know we started peanut butter with Little Man a bit early; you could consider that. Have you tried crackers? Softer varieties of crackers (i.e. grahm crackers, ritz, and saltines) can be a good step up from cheerios. I'm afraid that I don't have too much advice since Little Man isn't a picky eater, but one big thing I've learned is that even if your baby refuses somethin, you shouls try again in a couple of weeks. Often they'll accept it after some time. Oh, and prayer for wisdom, as my mom mentioned, is aways good!

  4. She's been nursing ok, not great, but enough the past couple of days. We're just going to tough it out as long as possible. I was hoping to nurse even longer than a year but getting to a year would be sufficient right now.

  5. Dusty has good advice on the nursing. . . and has extensive breastfeeding info and research. It's a great resource to have bookmarked, if you don't already!


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