Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Photography Diploma Program

In the summer of 2007 I enrolled at Penn Foster with a plan to get a Diploma in Photography. At the time, I was not pregnant and I wanted to pursue my interest in photography. I enrolled with the hope that it would help me get a good job as a photographer. This program is an at-your-own-pace home study plan. They send me all the materials that I need (packets, VHS, DVDs, CDs, books) and I take my exams online and I have 4 projects that I will mail in through snail mail to be graded by a teacher.

In May I signed up for this program, in July I got a job at Sears Photo Studio and a week later I found out I was pregnant. I ended up leaving Sears after just two weeks of working because I felt so sick from the morning sickness. It's a good thing I left when I did because my back pain (that I still have to this day) began shortly after that and I would have had to quit anyway. I also put my studies on hold during my pregnancy and for about 6 months afterwards.

I have had to pay $75 two times for two different 6 month extension times to do my work! The plan was to have this completed by the end of 2007 but God had other plans. My goal now is to have this entire program *complete* by the end of February. My 6 month extension ends in June and after that I cannot extend my studies any longer and all my work will go to waste.... so it is very important that this gets completed as soon as possible.

I currently have 4 packets left to do and 4 projects. I'm working on a packet titled "Presentation Skills" right now and I just wrote a short essay on a photo for one of the projects. On the 17th of this month I am going to be taking some engagement photos for my husband's cousin and I'll use one of those photos for the 2nd project.

Now that I have a daughter, my initial plan has changed - I do not plan on working unless she is in school, so my purpose for completing this program is basically to educate myself on photography and maybe someday I will work as a photographer on the side. Overall, my goal in life is to be the best wife and mother that I can be and that means putting my family first before any personal goals of mine. If it works out that I do get the opportunity to make money with my photos, that will be a wonderful blessing, but until then it is just a hobby and I'm having a ton of fun learning!


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