Thursday, January 15, 2009

23 today...24 tomorrow.

Even though I do not like the fact that I am going to be one year older tomorrow, I still am excited about turning 24.

24 is a good number :o)

The past week has consisted of:

- Learning the ins and outs of my "new" laptop! This is actually our computer we bought right after our Wedding but for the past year no one has been using it because Gage had set it aside to use for his music recording, well...he only records a few times a year so he decided to install Windows 7 on it and give it to me :) I'm excited. It's like a whole new computer and I can call it mine. hehe.
- Cleaning my house....all except for the dishes. For the first time in a long time I've let the dishes pile up for almost 2 days. ick. I'm really not wanting to dishes for some reason. Usually I'm fine with it.
- Redecorating (nothing new, just moving things around for a little change.)
- "Bake" night. We never bake anymore, we really just hang out. Maybe next week we'll actually bake something. Last night we got Pizza and watched American Idol.
- I've been working on my Bible study - reading and studying the book of Isaiah. Went to church today to discuss the study with others.
- Discovering and reading Jonathan Edwards' list of 70 resolutions.
- Exercising! Yes! I have actually been doing it. Not as much as I should, but hey its better than nothing.
- Creating a "home storage plan" which I will write more about at another time.
- I have been working on my Photography homework.
- Planning for the "photo session" I will be doing with Monique (Gage's cousin) and her fiance Nick on Saturday.
- Zoe turned 10 months old on the 12th. I'm beginning to plan her birthday party. I've got to get invitations out within the next couple of weeks.
- Reading 'Created to be his Help Meet' by Debi Pearl. Have I mentioned this book enough on this blog? ;o)
- Watching Poccohantus for the first time in.... 11 years?
- Going to the chiropractor, as I do every week. I'm not sure if its really helping my back...but I'll keep going until February and we'll see what happens.
- Trying to get Zoe to nurse more and eat more solid foods. Also trying to get her to use her sippy cup... she's having issues with all of these things right now.

Well I think she's about ready for a nap so I'm going to finish this up!



  1. Did you get the Resolutions from the library, or where did you come across them? I was really struck by that on Sunday too.

  2. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow.Yikes...more similarities...I too haven't left dishes in the sink for more than two days for a long time, but I did it this week (or was it last week). Anyway, I had to laugh.

  3. Happy birthday! i trust that the coming year will be filled with God's blessings as you continue to walk with Him!


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