Monday, December 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Our Next 6 Weeks

About 6 weeks ago I created our first 6 week menu plan. The purpose was to have dinner on the table every night and have each night planned in advance. I tried planning by the week but that didn't really work out so well, so I decided to try the 6 week plan. The plan worked wonderfully! I only went grocery shopping twice and we ended up saving a TON of money by doing this. I only spent $130 last time I went shopping and that was enough for 3 weeks. This next time the plan is to shop for 4 weeks with only one small trip to pick up veggies, fruits, and dairy.

Just create a list of meals your family eats often, pick as many as you need, plan according to your schedule (include birthdays, holidays, days you know you'll be away from home, etc) and you're set! Very simple and it saves you money because you spend less time at the grocery store. If you have a good list of preset meal ideas, this process only takes 10-15 minutes!

Here is our new 6 week dinner plan!

Week 1: December 15th - 21st

M: Mushroom Macaroni
T: Chicken Quesadillas
W: Spaghetti
Th: Spinach Quiche
F: Dinner with Parents
Sa: Tacos / Tostadas
Su: Egg Burritos

Week 2: December 22nd - 28th (Grocery Shopping)

M: Ham & Broccoli Stuffed Potatoes
T: Macaroni with Ham and Peas, Mashed Potatoes
W: (Christmas Eve) Cheesy Stuffed Tortillas, Salad
Th: Dinner with Family - Christmas!
F: Crockpot Pizza
Sa: Tortellini with Peas
Su: Pizza and Salad

Week 3: December 29th - January 4th

M: Coffee Brined Chicken Drumsticks, Salad
T: Tacos / Tostadas
W: Soup or Ravioli, Salad
Th: Mom's Chili & Cornbread (Happy New Year! 2009!)
F: Dinner with Parents
Sa: Restaurant of Gage's choice. Gage's 23rd Birthday!
Su: Banana Waffles & Eggs for Dinner!

Week 4: January 5th - 11th

M: Fettuccine Alfredo, Broccoli
T: Mexican Meatloaf, Salad
W: Bagel Sandwiches
Th: Fast Food Night!
F: Sloppy Joe's, Corn
Sa: Shepherds Pie
Su: Leftovers

Week 5: January 12th - 18th

M: Chilli Cheeseburgers
T: Bean & Ham Soup, Salad
W: Mini Pizzas
Th: Chicken Pot Pie
F: Restaurant of my choice. My 24th Birthday!
Sa: Chicken Quesadillas
Su: Chicken Salad

Week 6: January 19th - 25th (Grocery Shopping)

M: Mushroom Macaroni
T: Nacho Night!
W: Spinach Quiche
Th: Spaghetti
F: Taco Salad
S: Veggie Tuna Mac
Sun: Pizza


  1. Can I come eat at your house? :) I should really start trying to cook. I think that is awesome that you were able to only spend $130 for 3 weeks! I know prices might be a bit different in SD than CA, but still!


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