Saturday, December 13, 2008

It is Not Good for Man to be Alone

Normally this is something I would post over at Learning & Discerning, however this topic pertains to one that I will be writing about tomorrow.

God's Natural Order

I have been studying quite a bit about God's natural order lately, particularly that of the social order. Everything that is within God's design is a system and it is because of this that everything is about relationships. The very nature of God is a relationship! The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. For a system to exist there must be some form of relationship. Whether it be the relationships within the atomic structure, the relationships between all of the functions of the brain, the relationships that exist within the water cycle, photosynthesis, metamorphosis, and so on. God created everything in a way that requires a natural order. Most often when we think of natural order we think of the physical realm (science). However, there is order in both a spiritual and social realm as well. Family and community - this is what we all naturally a part of and it is something we all long for and God has specific design for each of these, this is the social realm. Heaven and Hell are part of the spiritual realm of God's order. Everything works together, because everything has been designed in this way, with perfect design, balance, and precise order.

When God created the earth, each day he made this statement about all that he had spoken into existence: It is good. This means that it was all within his natural order, there was no disorder, there was no evil present. God created man on the 6th day, and it was then that he made his first ethical statement, "It is not good for man to be alone." God could have created Adam and Eve at the same time, but he did not. This was done purposefully (as with everything God does). Up until this moment there had been complete order in the physical realm, now it was time to begin a social realm and to do this, God specifically designed the family to be in this order: Husband first, Wife second, Children third, not because it was just "a good idea" but because it was essential to his nature.

When God created Adam, this was the first time that aloneness had ever existed, because God himself and his triune nature was not alone. It it hard for us to even comprehend this, because an infinite God cannot be fully described with a finite illustration. Nevertheless, with our knowledge of the trinity, we can easily see that since man was created in God's image (that is the father, son, and holy spirit), there had to be more than just Adam. In order for Adam to truly be made in the image of God, an equal part had to be made, and then a third part that was subordinate to the husband and wife, the children.

The Family - The husband, wife, and children are an excellent representation of the triune nature of God, not necessarily an illustration. The family is simply part of God's natural social order. This shows us why this social institution of family is important and why it is natural, it is essential to God's nature. The husband is in authority over the wife, however he loves his wife (read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 for an accurate definition of what love is), at the same time the woman submits and respects her husband and she lives to please him and care for their children, yet she is one with her husband (in the same way that Jesus is in submission to God the Father, yet they are one in the same), and thirdly we have yet another that is subordinate to both Jesus and the Father, the Holy Spirit, which is where the children would fit into this order.

Our society does not understand this, and as a result the very institutions of marriage and family are under attack. Men do not live up to the high standard that God has set for them, women have become prideful, envious, and selfish in their desires to be like men and thus sacrificing the lives of their children, the respect of their husbands, and their own integrity in the process. Men are turning to men and women and turning to women in search for understanding, love, and respect that they do not get from the opposite sex. God's natural order is being ignored for the sake of self satisfaction, and marriages and families are suffering as a result.

Stay tuned, there will be more on this later :)


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  1. the whole article is good. but i would like to share some reflections that i have had about "men turning to men and women turning to women." i think it is that men (for various reasons) do not want to love someone else sacrificially. conversely, that women do not want to have to submit to and respect another person unconditionally. as you have said, we are rejecting God's order. in a woman/woman relationship, even a wholesome friendship, submission to God-given authority is not an issue. in a man/man relationship, there is a shoulder to shoulder quality that does not demand recognizing fragility.we are so selfish.may God be merciful to us and help us to walk His ways.


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